Top 10 Logistics Tech Solution Companies - 2019

Logistics—the backbone of every business and the foundation of their growth have been growing significantly in recent years. Call it the emergence of e-commerce or the rising literacy among the consumers about digital platforms, the logistics industry is witnessing its most revolutionary and exciting time in over a decade. Many factors including disposable incomes, continual urbanization, and multi-income household have impacted consumers of the developing and developed economies positively. On the same note, these retailers are on the lookout for logistics technologies and solution providers that offer efficient inventory management and warehousing solution, thereby assisting users to arrive at informed purchasing decisions. 

Furthermore, integration with smart glasses backed by augmented reality and Artificial intelligence will make deliveries in the logistics industry much easier by hands-free route searches, face recognition for error-free deliveries and personalized deliveries. The use of digitization in the logistics industry is further expected to bring about a significant reduction in procurement and supply chain costs while giving a considerable boost to the overall revenues. This next generation of successful supply chain management is also expected to leverage IoT, Data Analytics, Big Data logistics, and edge computing for yielding real-time automated insights and for making informed purchase decisions.

Today, logistics is no longer dependent on the traditional measures, requiring retailers to scram through numerous manual processes to ship items. Even consumers’ waiting span has reduced as they wish to receive their goods in just a couple of days or weeks depending upon the item and the location. Following this trend, CIOReview has compiled a list of 10 Most Promising Logistics Tech Solution Providers of 2019 that are transforming the e-commerce and logistics industry as known presently.

Among these 10 firms, one of the companies featured is US-based Super Dispatch that stands tall among its peers and competitors in the logistics industry. The enterprise provides a comprehensive, end-to-end platform built specifically to connect the auto transportation industry that saves users’ time and makes money for carriers, shippers, or brokers. Another featured firm, Longbow Advantage delivers strategic supply chain consultancy to its clients and drive WMS, LMS and TMS software implementations and integrations to improve their distribution chains. 

With several innovative technological capabilities and success stories up its sleeves, these logistics technology solution providers are constantly proving their mettle in the e-commerce field. We hope this issue of the CIOReview helps you build the partnership your firm needs to foster a technologically-driven logistics environment.

We present to you CIOReview’s “Top 10 Logistics Tech Solution Provider 2019.”

    Top 10 Logistics Technology companies

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    Offering cloud-based solution replaces emails and spreadsheets with rules-based workflows that allow supply chain partners to collaborate and manage shipments in real time

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    The company provides a cloud-based SaaS freight ecosystem modifying the entire transportation and logistics industry. The digital tools offered by EKA Omni-TMS help small-to-medium brokers, carriers, and shippers to access real-time information and trade seamlessly across a verified network with trusted partners and support vendors. These tools are extremely affordable, quote-to-cash, and best-in-class which further helps to achieve high performance in building the supply chain of tomorrow. The company prides itself on it cutting-edge technology and a talented team to assist clients to discover and capture the untapped potential in the supply chain world with its unified EKA Omni-TMS Transportation Management Platform

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    EmergeTMS's Marketplace helps reduce shipping costs by accessing the lowest rates on live capacity and expand the partner network and get connected to several verified carriers and brokers to cover the load being shipped. The one-time set-up of the company gets clients conencted swiftly, proving to be time-saving and hassle-free, especially in onboarding multiple partners. the clients can seamlessly take control of their logistics with its Digital Freight Marketplace, which encompasses everything from billing to cargo insurance. The company further helps manage quotes, expand clients' network, and compare rates efficiently

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    GetSwift works with the mission to make the last mile more intelligent for organizations and convenient for the end-consumers. It provides the easiest-to-use and innovative delivery management software to help clients improve their supply chain and provide new growth opportunities for business expansion. The company's trailblazing software helps all organizations automate and simplify their dispatching, tracking, and routing, and ultimately offering smart delivery management software. The company caters to clients across enterprises, medium-sized businesses, small businesses, and food& restaurant sector as well. Its easy and adaptable delivery management software syncs seamlessly with clients' organizations and makes exceptional delviery the engine propelling business enhancement for clients

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    A supply chain technology company uniquely built to provide not only best-in-class WMS, LMS, and TMS implementation and integration skills, but an unprecedented level of supply chain experience and expertise. The company's Rebus Data Services pull logistics data from the client’s supply chain execution systems to deliver value in different areas of the business—from business intelligence, dashboarding, and analytics, to labor management, quality assurance, and performance and process optimization. It provides actionable insights into the real-time workings of the most complex distribution environments. With Rebus, logistic professionals no longer have to wade through big data applications, trying to find the bits of data relevant to their operations or limit their insights to only one area of operations

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    Combining the different segments of the car hauling industry together—truck loading, tracking, digital documentation, and payments—all in one platform, Super Dispatch offers a complete end-to-end vehicle shipping platform that is the future of moving cars. Even prior to launching this unified ecosystem, Super Dispatch has had a strong foothold in helping shipment carriers get paid faster, eliminate paperwork, and streamline every aspect of their car hauling operation in a fraction of the time it takes manually. The company envisions to significantly reduce the amount of time and money needed to complete the vehicle shipping process

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    Infoplus Commerce

    Infoplus Commerce

    Infoplus Commerce combines people, expertise, support and software to create solutions for 3PLs, warehouses, eCommerce retailers and several others in the logistics and supply chain space. The company offers a plethora of products including Infoplus Warehouse Manager, Infoplus Warehouse Manager for 3PLs, Infoplus 3PL billing, Infoplus Light Manufacturing, Infoplus World Connect, Infoplus Total Returns, and Infoplus Insights. All these products help maintain the quality, speed, and control of all the warehouse operations effectively. The company is focused on building technology that can drive incremental improvements across all areas of warehouse management, 3PL, and supply chain management

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    Project44 consists of the technology embedded with deep transportation expertiseto meet the needs of shippers, LSPs, and carriers worldwide. The Advanced Visibility Platform of the company takes a data first approach to visibility and helps ingest, cleanse, and normalize high quality data from a wide network of global carriers. The paltform further offers quality, security, and reliability required to fuel predicitive analytics across the transportation value chain. It also automates the complex task of consolidating, normalizing, and enriching all the data into an easy to understand format for clients. Project44 empowers clients to have an accurate information on the shipment status and ETAs to meet their delivery demands and make smarter decisions about inventory management, planning and exception handling using tracking based on the purchase order, line item, or SKU. This in turn eliminates additional costs of manual processes and prevents late fees and penalties

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    Propel IT

    Propel IT

    Propel is a technology and data company that offers safety and efficiency in commercial fleets. The company eliminates critical events and risks by over 50 percent via a reduction of adverse behaviors. It provides the transportation industry experience and a strong professional support to drive positive ROI consistently. Its technology team applies proprietary probabilistic models, machine learning algorithms, and dynamic safety routing on sseveral miles analyzed to deliver the best results for partners. the company builds long term relations with its clients and partners and offers solutions for insurance, fleet safety, and technology. Propel offers value to its clients and serves insurers, consultants, large commercial fleets, and owner operators as well. The RouteRisk clients will further gain a momentum in improvement in accident rates, claims, fuel efficiency, turnover, and maintenance costs

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    Softeon is one of the leading providers of end-to-end supply chain solutions and its driving force is innovation and customer satisfaction. Softeon Advantage is pillared on four major aspects of industry leadership and offers swift return on investment, deep functionality across a diverse offering of supply chain solutions, and consistent successes with clients. The initial step to supply chain success is project mobilization stage and concludes with ongoing support. The company provides the best in-house solution by focusing on the clients' needs, creating a system that is fully customized while aligning to the business standards. the differentiated technical architecture and skills in systems integration and its robust implementation methodology process ensures ease of deployment and paves the way toward rapid ROI