Top 20 Logistics Consulting/Services Companies - 2014

Logistics plays an inevitable role in the global supply chain operations. The roller coaster demand levels and uneven freight charges create a direct impact on the logistics companies and their strategies. Invariably shaped by global business trends, the industry is bent on innovative methods to track inventory like the use of robotic systems in the warehouses and cloud based integration systems throughout operations. These strategic innovations have placed the enterprises in such a position that the stakeholders in the logistics industry have to constantly evaluate the latest trends in the sector and asses their potential to ensure that the needs are met.

The evolving technologies are presenting the logistics providers with new business opportunities and challenges. The continued investments in R&D, smart packaging solutions and real-time supply chain monitoring capabilities have opened up new perspectives in the logistics sector. This in turn helps the companies by enabling new methods to monitor the assets, track them and gain more insights into how they can gain operational efficiencies.

The Transport Management System (TMS) is another area in logistics which has been growing tremendously off late. Shippers are embracing both sides of the TMS—including planning and supply chain operations—to save more by lowering their freight charges. Efficient TMS has also led to  transportation efficiencies, providing real-time dashboards and enabling better decision making in the businesses. Hence, most logistics providers are re-defining their supply chain operations to handle myriad tasks like ship-from-store and same-day delivery. Assisted with enhanced network based analytics and social networking capabilities, the new paradigms are enabling trading partners to communicate, execute business processes, and collaborate in more scalable and innovative ways.

Amidst the myriad of solutions and vendors present in the market, the companies also look for a consulting partner to help them chose the proper technology and assist them through implementation. In the last few months, we have analyzed and shortlisted hundreds of logistics solution providers that are at the forefront of tackling the supply chain challenges faced by retailers, manufacturers and suppliers.

In our selection, we looked at the vendors’ capabilities to fulfill the needs of manufacturers through the supply chain that supports core business processes of any industry. We also evaluated the vendors’ support for logistics industry through the amalgamation of latest technology into their operation.

We present to you CIOReview’s Most Promising Logistics Consulting Providers of 2014.

    Top Logistics Consulting/Services Companies

  • 1

    Provides cost-effective logistics solutions and products to tackle the technological challenges and render visibility into the supply chain

  • 2

    Helps organizations handle key logistics challenges, improve process efficiencies, lower their total cost of ownership

  • 3

    Providing real-time information and strategic consulting by providing Supply On Demand for customers

  • 4

    Global4PL is a supply chain solutions provider that specializes in helping companies penetrate new regional markets, optimize their supply chain delivery models, and demonstrate total supply chain costs

  • 5

    Assessment, selection and delivery of Supply Chain Systems, from toptier packaged software vendors

  • 6

    Provides real-time information based consultancy merged with IT expertise for efficient fleet management and operation

  • 7

    An Enterprise Mobile Solution and a Supply Chain services provider

  • 8

    A management consulting firm dealing with building innovative business strategy and supply chain strategy leveraging technology

  • 9

    Providing professional services to companies to help integrate new technologies with the broader corporate infrastructure

  • 10

    A company that provides Logistics and Supply Chain Services, Enterprise Services, Engineering Services, and Acquisition and Program Management Services