Zengistics: Optimizing the Supply Chain with Collaborative Logistics

Chris Winslow, CEO; Matt Zimmer, COO and Eric Limburg, CRO
The global supply chain suffered a significant blow with the advent of COVID-19, as the entire world came to a standstill. With the pandemic creating a wave of uncertainty and widening the cracks already persistent in the logistics industry, enterprises have realized that the various trade cycles that were observed and formulated over the last 15 to 20 years have become amplified. Moreover, other prevailing problems like a shortage of drivers, the lack of truck and trailer capacity, and congestion at inbound ports have crippled the supply chain in 2021. A majority of the shippers today seek solution providers who do more than just match their requirements with a carrier. Shippers are looking for technology partners to assist them with route optimization, supply chain analytics, and ultimately lowering operating costs.

Aiding enterprises in navigating these unchartered territories by solving complicated issues like freight consolidation, route optimization, and supply chain analytics is Zengistics, a full-service logistics company. “We’re on a journey to blend the traditional values of a high service broker with advanced technology to create the greatest universe of carriers and the highest level of quality and on-time delivery,” says Chris Winslow, CEO of Zengistics.

The Texas-based firm offers a collaborative logistics platform to provide a high level of customer service to make the freight movement as seamless as possible. With an extensive network of carriers and shippers, Zengistics provides data-driven solutions to optimize the supply chain of enterprises through world-class customer service and state-of-the-art telematics. The edge possessed by the company, however, is the ability to deploy the latest freight optimization technologies. The gained insights are implemented in-house to enhance the capabilities of the platform’s technology and deliver exemplary services to its customers.

Although possessing market expertise in the manufacturing, automotive, and medical sectors, Zengistics has developed a niche in the craft beer business, which is seeing rapid expansion in the US.
As the craft beer industry grows, demand for specialized logistics solutions that maximize the relationship between the brewery, their unique supply chain, and the consumer has evolved. Matt Zimmer, COO of Zengistics elaborates on an instance where a major player in the craft beer market faced logistics issues due to a lack of transparency in the carrier networks. Without accurate data, the company could not optimize the cost structure as they didn’t have the ability to fill trucks on high-priced, long-distance routes to distributors. Zengistics created a national freight network for the craft beer industry that allows them to share routes to common destinations to enter markets that would otherwise be cost prohibitive.

Zengistics’ ability to funnel data and provide analysis proved critical, enabling its clients to understand the cost structure, details of shipped materials, the location of shipment, and more. The company took their world-class service up a notch by taking over the planning duties and implementing a master planning schedule, placing the responsibility of delivering the products to the distribution networks on them. Zengistics developed the best lane optimization and managed to utilize the full capacity of the trucks, thus saving the client thousands of dollars. This was achieved through constant communication with the carriers, empowering them with real-time market information updates and how their products are being pushed through the cost points in the supply chain. “We are very customer-focused and customer-driven in applying our technology to provide our services much more efficiently and effectively,” adds Eric Limburg, CRO at Zengistics.

Providing a glimpse into the company’s future, Zimmer mentions their plans to embark on the journey of further digitalization of their services, offering a seamless end-to-end connection for the customers, carriers, and employees. Zengistics looks forward to expanding its expertise into ocean freight, drayage, and bulk transportationas well. “With the platform, services, and the team that we have, we can navigate through the whole portfolio of supply chain solutions, globally,” Zimmer concludes on an optimistic note.


Austin, TX

Chris Winslow, CEO; Matt Zimmer, COO and Eric Limburg, CRO

A full-service logistics company offering data-driven solutions to optimize the supply chain through trailblazing technology.