EmergeTMS: Changing the Way Companies Ship

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Jake Papa, Vice President
In today’s cut-throat world of logistics, technology directly correlates to efficiency, allowing businesses to streamline their operations and move away from legacy, paper-based processes. Especially in industries such as shipping and logistics, technology’s potential to impact day-to-day operations is paramount. However, small and medium-sized companies lack the technological prowess needed to manage tendering, tracking, and other processes at the pace of larger players that have vast resources. This void in the industry became the foundation for Arizona-based EmergeTMS, a company that brings a free, unified portal to help shippers manage their everyday operations along with connecting with carriers outside their networks. “EmergeTMS allows small to mid-sized shippers to enjoy a free transportation management system (TMS), enabling them to take the right step toward technology,” says Jake Papa, the company’s vice president.

EmergeTMS’ all-in-one TMS can be implemented within minutes, as opposed to most of the detail-oriented TMS solutions. Post-implementation, users can create login credentials and provide the name and email addresses of their partners to build a network of carrier and brokers within the portal. Thereafter, the shippers can transact with the carriers through the platform. The EmergeTMS portal also helps logistics companies identify carriers outside of their network so as to consolidate and optimize shipping operations. Shippers can also track their shipments by entering the tender details or even drivers’ phone numbers in the application. The option of tracking drivers’ locations through cell phone triangulation is also available in the portal. In the EmergeTMS platform, users can utilize a built-in chat feature for real-time communication. “It allows companies to chat with their partners directly to create a superior user experience and retain them within the platform,” says Jake. Clients can also dig down to carrier-level data for transparency in rates.

EmergeTMS’ all-in-one TMS can be implemented within minutes, as opposed to most of the detail-oriented TMS solutions

The EmergeTMS portal, today, has over 1,400 registered shippers with another 450 in the queue; a feat achieved in less than a year of its inception. Among these is a medium-sized shipping company operating from Phoenix, which had an in-house ERP system with a TMS connected. Their TMS witnessed excessive duplication of shipment data due to repeated entries in ERP, TMS and Excel documents. When brought onboard, EmergeTMS mitigated the problem by creating a single point of data entry, allowing the data to be exported to Excel documents and imported to other systems. This eliminated the scope for data redundancy and benefitted them in a significant manner.

Customer satisfaction has always been of great importance for the EmergeTMS team and, thus, its product roadmap is majorly influenced by customer feedback. The company releases a new feature every month, which is automatically updated in the portal. At present, EmergeTMS is focused on creating new functionalities for carrier matching such as allowing customers to rate and review the services offered by companies. The company also plans to provide real-time updates on market rates for shippers by obtaining information from external sources since mid-sized shippers struggle with getting the best deals for freight transportation. Jake concludes by saying, “Our focus for Q2 and Q3 is allowing shippers to seamlessly share information with their vendors and partners.”


Scottsdale, AZ

Jake Papa, Vice President

EmergeTMS's Marketplace helps reduce shipping costs by accessing the lowest rates on live capacity and expand the partner network and get connected to several verified carriers and brokers to cover the load being shipped. The one-time set-up of the company gets clients conencted swiftly, proving to be time-saving and hassle-free, especially in onboarding multiple partners. the clients can seamlessly take control of their logistics with its Digital Freight Marketplace, which encompasses everything from billing to cargo insurance. The company further helps manage quotes, expand clients' network, and compare rates efficiently