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Jett McCandless, CEO The source of inspiration for project44 traces back to the 1920s when the US Highway 66, one of the most famous roads in America, was constructed to connect Chicago, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona before ending in Santa Monica, California. By 1950, as transportation evolved and legacy systems that supported the US transport infrastructure could no longer address the growing needs, the first major bypass of US 66—Highway 44—was constructed as a direct route between cities and states. The idea of p44 stemmed from this particular transport establishment and leaping ahead 61 years the company was conceived with a vision of a truly digitized and automated transportation value chain. Drawing on his extensive domain expertise in logistics, transportation, and SaaS technology, serial entrepreneur, Jett McCandless, the CEO of project44, founded the company to facilitate seamless connectivity between shippers, carriers, systems, and customers, effortlessly connecting transportation networks in real time.

As an innovative company rising to the rapidly changing needs of the industry, p44, under the leadership of McCandless, is transforming the way 3PLs, shippers, and carriers streamline their operations to bring forth a transparent, real-time, and optimized shipping experience. Bringing a novel, leading-edge cloud-based visibility platform to the table, the company is digitizing the entire shipment lifecycle while connecting, automating, and providing visibility into key transportation processes. Focused on its goal to build the only ubiquitous logistics network for connecting the freight shippers to the carriers in an efficient and transparent manner, p44 ensures access to the right information at the right time.

"p44’s modular visibility platform provides much more beyond just tracking to equip clients with end-to-end visibility and the automation of critical transportation processes like planning, tracking, documenting, and analytics"

Advanced Visibility at Fingertips

p44’s modular visibility platform provides much more beyond just tracking to equip clients with end-to-end visibility and the automation of critical transportation processes like planning, tracking, documenting, and analytics. For companies that are on the lookout to reduce time and resource consumption, the search can end with p44. The company’s API-based planning solutions can ramp up planning efficiency by an average of 53 percent. Leveraging p44’s solution, companies can automate multi-carrier rate shopping, ensure accurate pricing to the penny with updates rates in real time, and put an end to expensive outdated bureaus or batched rate uploads. The solution helps gain visibility into transit times while securing rates to determine the most optimal carrier. Further, it eliminates costly rate bureaus or manual phone calls to carriers. With regard to scheduling, the solution helps customers automate dispatch or tender requests with just a push of a button while receiving immediate carrier pickup information. It also eliminates missed pickups and saves the time wasted in rescheduling with carriers along with minimizing costs related to EDIs.

As an innovative company rising to the rapidly changing needs of the industry, p44 is transforming the way 3PLs, shippers, and carriers streamline their operations to bring forth a transparent, real time, optimized shipping experience

In an instance, p44 helped one of its clients—Steelcase—with their internal operations when they were struggling with inefficient manual processes, time-consuming scheduling pickups, inaccurate carrier information, and error-prone communication through email, calls, and spreadsheets. Implementing p44’s planning solution, Steelcase’s teams were able to automate the manual tasks and focus on high-value work. This ensured that workflows are no longer affected by manual communication bottlenecks along with enabling faster integration into their existing systems that immediately boosted their efficiency.

The solution helps companies improve reliability and reduce costs across multimodal distribution network with SKU-level inventory tracking along with exception management, and visibility. Clients can successfully track all of their domestic parcel, truckload, LTL, volume LTL, rail, and ocean shipments while leveraging location information and ETA to manage their inventory at all times. In addition, with the highest quality location data, they can make more informed decisions.

To enhance exception management, the solution assists customers with customized alerts and notifications tailored precisely to the most accurate tracking data possible. Besides, it assures a significant reduction in high costs involved in missing delivery windows and a proactive communication with all parties involved. It also enables clients to manage temperature within their cold chains and get apprised of any exceptions as soon as they occur.

p44 saves logistic teams an average of 34 percent time that is spent in managing paper invoices, BOLs, W&I, and PODs from carriers by digitizing the processes. With digital documents, they can automate manual, time-consuming tasks and instantaneously pull digital shipment documentation directly into TMS via API connections with carriers. Customers can further reduce backlogs at delivery sites by utilizing the ability to immediately scan documentation. Ensuring that rates that match invoice accurately, customers can also accelerate accounts payable processes with organization-wide real-time access to invoices.

With p44’s advanced visibility, carrier performance, and tracking analytics capabilities, customers can glean detailed insights, facilitating better business decisions and outcomes. Deploying Predictive ETAs, customers can efficiently optimize their supply chain, providing staff and partners with accurate updates.
To gain insights into stops and lanes for discerning and diagnosing areas of poor performance, they can utilize p44’s Land and Location Performance Analytics. Added to that, customers can make use of the Tracking Quality Analytics to optimize tracking through precise insights into quality and get a clear understanding of carrier performance through Carrier Performance Analytics.

Setting a Benchmark in Logistics

While most vendors offer visibility interfaces built on top of legacy data sources, p44 delivers clients with software building blocks to create a transparent, integrated, and predictable end-to-end transportation experience. Empowering clients with the project44 advantage, p44 helps them collaborate and execute by seamlessly connecting data and applications across their entire multimodal transportation network. As an added benefit, p44’s infrastructure is always available, continuously upgraded, and also auto-scales to meet all of the clients’ needs. Never settling for errors that hinder business operations, p44’s 99.999 percent system success rate is the true indicator of its unmatched capabilities in terms of delivering complete error-free operations.

That is not all; p44’s enterprise-grade security procedures further bolster the digital privacy of clients by securing the data both at transit and at rest. With a state-of-the-art framework, p44 enforces consistent compliance with governance policies and the use of best practices across all endpoints to protect clients’ data from any threat. Moreover, with p44’s direct API integrations and a web-based interface, clients are endowed with the benefit of configuring their solutions to rightly fit their unique business needs. This helps them implement modern applications rapidly, which eventually leads to faster executions, cost optimization, and smarter transport decision making along with unparalleled flexibility and control.

In keeping up with the dynamic freight market, p44 allows customers to maximize the value of their TMS while delivering more confidence and agility. Case in point: p44’s Dispatch API makes it incredibly easy to request pickup and immediately receive carrier information within the same interface. This leaves no room for human error or lag time that often results in missed pickups.

To cater to the needs of a diverse customer base—from holiday shoppers to industrial manufacturers—who demand more shipping efficiency, reliability, and predictability, p44 recently acquired Denmark-GateHouse Logistics. This acquisition has opened the door to the largest visibility platform across North America and Europe, revving up development of future global visibility offerings. Furthermore, p44 has recently announced a $35 Million funding round led by OpenView, a Boston-based venture capital firm.

Striding ahead in full steam, p44 aims to keep an unwavering focus on revamping and further developing the transportation network in Chicago. As the global leader in enterprise SaaS talent and home to numerous Fortune 500 industries, Chicago’s unique logistics ecosystem serves as the impetus for accelerating p44’s ability to meet its goals. Consequently, the company is committed to continuing support and cultivating technological innovation in the city.


Chicago, IL

Jett McCandless, CEO

Offers a novel, leading-edge cloud-based visibility platform to digitize the entire shipment lifecycle