ShipStation: One Platform for Online Orders

Nathan Jones, CEO
When online merchants began simultaneously selling their products across multiple websites like eBay and Amazon back in the mid-to-late ‘90s, the seeds of change were planted in ecommerce. Those seeds have grown explosively over the last decade. Multi-channel selling has complicated business models dramatically and created new demands on IT and fulfillment operations. Once optional, modern ecommerce standards require rigorous and timely processes to fulfill orders and communicate with customers. Merchants today routinely have orders flowing in from many different shopping carts and marketplaces. These orders must be consolidated and managed centrally in order to ship efficiently. This is where ShipStation shines.

ShipStation’s web based platform easily consolidates orders from many online marketplaces and enables information to flow back and forth between ShipStation and the selling channels. ShipStation users gain perspective over their entire fulfillment process, overcome operational limitations, and move products smoothly through the supply chain. “Our users are smart, so we’ve built smart software to help them,” says Nathan Jones, CEO, ShipStation.

ShipStation integrates with over 100 popular shopping carts, marketplaces, and carriers and aims to enable every seller to be exceptionally efficient at fulfilling orders, regardless of their size. Unique options such as branded shipping labels and packing slips and customized shipping confirmation emails allow the merchant to efficiently retain a personal touch.

Robust automation rules can be set to automatically assign carriers and service levels based on customer choices at checkout. “With the help of our software, online sellers just have to pack their products, slap on the label, and have it picked up. We’ll automate the decision making, notify the marketplace, and send the customer their tracking information,” states Jones.

Users can customize their platform according to their operational and performance needs—from which information they see on screen to which decisions they want to automate.

Our users are smart, so we’ve built smart software to help them

“We give our clients access to our technology at incredibly low rates and offer them the best tools in the industry to fulfill orders cost-efficiently,” says Jones. In addition, the software also enables reporting so users can aggregate and analyze their sales across channels. These reporting features add business value to the users’ organization, allowing them, for example, to see where they are spending too much on shipping or identify hot product trends across their different sales channels. “ShipStation has many facets to our technology which increase the effectiveness of the seller,” asserts Jones. The organization also collaborates with many of their ecommerce partners to drive more value to online sellers. “Our partnership with ecommerce platforms is mutually beneficial—we provide our sellers with an easy way to expand to new sales channels and our channel partners find that ShipStation provides their customers an efficient way to fulfill their orders,” states Jones.

While ecommerce has grown significantly over the last decade, it still represents a small part of traditional retail sales and has significant room for growth. While traditional retail stores are now launching their own online stores, savvy online sellers are rapidly adding additional channels of their own. ShipStation powers this trend by providing the tools sellers need to efficiently fulfill multichannel orders.

With hot trends such as “same day delivery” emerging in the marketplace, ShipStation is constantly innovating to stay ahead of the curve. ShipStation recently launched new features including expanded inventory support, branded automated package tracking, and native mobile applications. “We will continue to innovate with products that help sellers easily navigate the complicated ecommerce landscape,” concludes Jones.


Austin, TX

Nathan Jones, CEO

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