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Wade Wilson, CEO
The trend of logistics and supply chain management as a competitive weapon, as opposed to a series of seemingly disparate functional cost centers, is driving change in how these functions are managed and operated. The global logistics industry is transforming alongside developments in the latest digital technologies—IoT, telematics, mobile, cloud, and open systems. With the digital boom on one side, the CIOs in logistics arena are facing conflicting issues stemming primarily by increased interest in logistics management and latest technology developments. Logistics companies are looking to harness information acquired through digital technologies to streamline business operations—asset tracking, fleet management, maintenance scheduling, and dispatching. Pedigree Technologies, headquartered in Fargo, ND, improves customers’ ability to easily and dynamically manage their people and operating environments in an increasingly complex, interconnected, and real-time life. “We are building solutions that leverage the complexity of current technology trends into simple-to-use tools that can create competitive advantages and big efficiencies,” says Wade Wilson, CEO, Pedigree Technologies.

The success factor for most logistics operations is dependent upon coordination between workers, assets, and equipment to meet ever increasing customer demands. Pedigree Technologies’ flagship SaaS-based OneView platform, an asset intensive service chain solution, allows customers to have integrated information on a single solution. OneView manages entire field of operations with capabilities that include asset tracking, dispatching, work order management, and proactive maintenance. The solution tracks, diagnoses, and communicates with all highvalue assets and enhances operational data visibility enabling proactiveness, and supply chain alignment. For instance—companies, along with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), are able to monitor and track the location of equipment throughout their supply chain enhancing real time visibility into current inventory and sales. Additionally, they can monitor equipment behavior, track the failure points, and react more quickly by fixing a design issue or manufacturing-line problem. Furthermore, Pedigree Technologies offers a diagnostic package with CAN Bus integration to auxiliary sensors, and extended applications whereby customers can monitor their equipment for real time issues.
In addition, their customers’ organizations face a plethora of impacting performance-cost drivers that could range from escalating fuel expenses, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) compliance, and on-time deliveries. The Pedigree Technologies OneView platform Fleet Management solution allows customers to track, monitor, and plan-manage their fleet of vehicles and drivers. The solution allows the customer organizations to keep a tab of fleet’s idle time, gas or diesel savings, time or resource savings as well as driver and shipment performance. With this solution, the customers are able to achieve better driver retention, supply chain management, vendor management, asset utilization, asset maintenance, and purchases.

Customers with mixed fleets such as standard tractors and trailers can take advantage of Pedigree Technologies exceptional solution. The firm also provides onboard liquid inventory, temperature, or tire monitoring solutions along with abilities to utilize the right data with the right people, integrated with common supply chain solutions (e.g. dispatching systems), and APIs that enable integration with enterprise mission critical systems.

One of the largest differentiators for Pedigree Technologies is that it is one solution for all kinds of assets, people applications, and related technologies (e.g. mixed fleets, tanks, safety accessories, etc.). Additionally, Pedigree is unique in that its solution includes an Electronic Logging Device (ELD) solution. The solution helps customers’ electronically record information pertaining to drivers' hours and vehicle inspection reports. The firm is also incubating multi-tiered distribution partnerships to leverage the data knowledge across the customers’ supply chain.

Wilson firmly believes that the future is in automation of, and planning for operational decisions, encompassing situational awareness, planning, and execution. “Going beyond the basics of tracking, we are building solutions that can garner proactive details, while also allowing for tiered effectiveness and efficiencies at different levels of business,” concludes Wilson.

Pedigree Technologies

Fargo, ND

Wade Wilson, CEO

Pedigree Technologies enables companies to make better decisions by providing real-time visibility into business operations

Pedigree Technologies