B2BGateway: EDI Solution in Cloud

Kevin Hoyle, CEO
When Kevin Hoyle founded B2BGateway in 1999, he noticed that the then existing electronic data interchange (EDI) processes were cumbersome, error prone, and prohibitively expensive. It urged him to transform the industry and make EDI accessible and affordable to all organizations. His idea led to the foundation of B2BGateway in April 1999. Since its formation, B2BGateway has grown to be a world leader in cloud based EDI and automated supply chain solutions. The company has expanded and has global offices in Shannon, Ireland, Sydney, Australia and Jinan, China.

Today CIO’s require immediate information and visibility of the complete supply chain, for their organization along with their partners. By enabling an effective cloud based EDI solution, provided by the company, CIO’s can get real time access to vital information to achieve smooth running of the supply chain. Decision makers can utilize the solution to make informed decisions and alleviate bottle-necks by adjusting orders, stocks and transportation requirements as necessary. Along with mobility, the popularity of API’s in making integration points for multiple software systems such as OMS, ERP, and inventory solutions enables organizations to piece together information and stay in control. “We transformed the industry and made EDI accessible and affordable to all organizations. We developed an EDI solution that enabled clients to do business with the help of cloud-deployed solutions,” says Hoyle.

“B2BGateway is not just an EDI provider supporting ANSI X12, EDIFACT or Tradacoms file formats over a VAN, rather, we are a complete integrated communications hub which allows client’s full data accessibility to all relevant parties in their supply chain,” says Hoyle. The firm supports multiple third-party logistics provider (3PL) integrations which allow for the smooth exchange of relevant messaging such as warehouse ship orders, warehouse ship advice, and Advance Ship Notices (ASNs) between the client and 3PL. B2BGateway’s cloud based Warehouse Support Site (WSS) is designed to meet client’s criteria of GS1-128 barcode labels.

We developed an EDI solution that enabled clients to do business with the help of cloud-deployed solutions

The GS1-128 labels are affixed to the outer boxes of the products; they provide information regarding vendors in a human readable as well as scan-able data format. The barcode is scanned at every destination and the data is tied to an ASN that is transmitted in an EDI format to the trading partners from the client.

In an instance, to improve supply chain efficiencies, Red Star Traders—an outdoor furniture manufacturing and distribution organization leveraged B2BGateway’s EDI solutions to outsource their warehouse and shipping needs to 3PL CEVA Logistics. With many new orders, it was difficult for the client to communicate with CEVA Logistics in a cost-effective and error free manner. By utilizing B2BGateway’s fully integrated, cloud based EDI solutions, the client was able to send EDI 940’s (warehouse ship orders) to CEVA Logistics and receive back EDI 945’s (warehouse ship advice) that would go straight into their NetSuite ERP system. “Our solution also connected CEVA with all Red Star’s retail customers so that the data and document flows in the supply chain were fully automated, visible and error free,” informs Hoyle.

For a better user experience, B2BGateway has updated the client portal adding more functionality like Business Intelligence, Document Reprocessing Tools and further automation capabilities. Clients can download the B2BGateway EDI Connect App from android and iOS platforms to get a general over-view of the new relationships in the set-up stage. “We focus to increase our capabilities to never have an ‘out of stock’ situation when our clients deal with their valued customers,” concludes Hoyle.


Boston, MA

Kevin Hoyle, CEO

Delivers cloud-deployed EDI solution for supply chain efficiency