Translogistics: Staying Ahead of the Curve with Technology and Service

Scott McDevitt, President
Capacity is still tight due to increased regulations, which means carrier rates are steadily increasing. Companies who have built their business on selling low rates are now beginning to struggle and will continue to do so unless they can provide other services to differentiate themselves. This is where Translogistics stands out among the sea of 3PLs.

“When I personally decide to make a purchase, I don’t buy the cheapest product I can find at some random discount store. I buy based on the quality of the product and the overall value and service,” says President of Translogistics, Scott McDevitt. That thought process is the reason TLI has been willing to invest so much into their IT department. When designing their TMS, the IT Director took a unique approach in that he designed the system around the customer needs, rather than creating a cookie-cutter system that all customers needed to fit into.

“The system took years of preparation,” said IT Director, Tim Thomas. “We had to go through a process of listening to the customer, understanding their day to day process, and then figure out ways to make their job easier while saving them time and potentially money too.”

So with a team of four software engineers, a solutions architect, and the support of their systems administrator, ViewPoint was created. “Overall my goal was to create a system with a simple interface that had seamless control and direct access to all that TLI has to offer in an attractively designed system”, said Thomas.

Of course a flashy TMS would mean little if they didn’t have the support of an experienced logistics and customer service team behind it. TLI gets weekly emails or cards thanking them for their service and for going above and beyond the customer’s expectation. Employees are also encouraged with weekly praises and small awards given at the beginning of each week to keep things fun around the office.

We believe a high level of service is more important than a low rate and low service, even if it costs a little extra

This is just one of the many reasons why employees enjoy the culture that TLI cultivates.

“We believe a high level of service is more important than a low rate and low service, even if it costs a little extra,” says McDevitt. Some of the key differentiators that TLI provides include claims paid within 23 days, in depth auditing and consolidated freight bills on one invoice, and proactive tracking and tracing shipments with up to date email or text messaging to keep customers updated as often as they like. The Logistics Account managers also provide their customers with quarterly reviews with KPIs and data that will help companies to make educated decisions that will directly impact their future.

Translogistics track record speaks for itself. Last year they were one of the Blue Ribbon winners for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Dream Big awards for small businesses. Their average customer has been with them for over 10 years, and their company has ranked in the Reading Chamber of Commerce and Industry Top 50 Business for three of the past four years.

“If you are looking for low rates only, we are not the company for you. If you are looking for a company that will reduce costs by improving internal efficiencies across all departments in your organization as it relates to your supply chain, then we are the LSP you want to work with,” says McDevitt


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Scott McDevitt, President

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