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Jim Tompkins, CEO
Today, advancements such as better software, robust infrastructures, and avant-garde ideas have pushed the horizons of the field to make it streamlined, equipped with higher levels of error awareness, and less labor-intensive. However, these advances have also unearthed new challenges for companies. With the convergence of supply chain planning and execution platforms, CIOs have to evaluate the existing investments made on such platforms and devise the most effective strategies. Security needs have to be adapted to suit the new systems integrated into the supply chain infrastructure to ensure assets in hand do not lose value.

We have been able to enhance the relevance of network planning and material handling system design though our utilization of Big Data and analytics

Tompkins International, a Raleigh-based supply chain logistics company, has been helping CIOs to meet such challenges with their suite of offerings. "We focus on strategy-structure-implementation which means that operations strategy drives processes, people, and technology choices; and implementation requires not only compelling business cases, but also Change Management," says Jim Tompkins, CEO, Tompkins International.By including Change Management as a part of their improvements and working with third-party logistics providers, Tompkins International plays an important role in supply chain management. They serve as a channel for vital shipping related information between shipper, supplier, carrier, and customer.
In addition, Tompkins International's post-implementation review ensures that operating metrics are achieved and clients truly gain Return on Investment (ROI).

The Tompkins International's solutions are all fuelled by innovative ideas that help companies make significant improvements in many areas. "We have been able to enhance the relevance of network planning and material handling system design though our utilization of Big Data and analytics.
In addition to this, we help clients maximize their ROI through our evolved lean material handling systems," says Tompkins. Apart from this, the firm has also improved their material handling excellence by upgrading from the Tompkins Control System to the Tompkins Execution System.

The Tompkins Control System has been used to aide many companies with supply chain demands. An internationally recognized specialty retailer and distributor of beauty supplies, is one such company that has seen the benefits first hand. In order to model their North-American distribution network, the company approached Tompkins International to develop the optimal network design to optimize their transportation and distribution expenses. After Tompkins International gaining a thorough understanding of the company’s distribution goals and working methodology, it was recommended that the company should continue operating two separate divisions. The company undertook a major network consolidation of their eastern and mid-western operations into two existing facilities and consolidating four of its western facilities into a new automated distribution center. Tompkins International also provided turnkey implementation services and set up the Tompkins Control System for this retrofit.

This operation helped the company save over 16 percent in annual logistics expenses. The implementation of the advanced picking technology resulted in an additional operational savings of 8 percent annually and increased the facility throughput.

Having a stellar service offering is essential in standing out in the market. This can also be augmented by keeping an eye on the competition as well as to study and understand how to stay ahead of the competition.

For the future, Tompkins International is looking to provide strategy and deployment leadership in demand driven technology in addition to delivering new application services models and improving their existing platform and service suite.”These efforts are given to ensure that our clients are given ample guidance in navigating the option available to them, its feasibility and having stellar deployment services at their disposal,” concludes Tompkins.

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Jim Tompkins, CEO

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