Optricity: Driving Change in the Supply Chain

Dan Basmajian, President & CEO
Today, new and advanced technology is driving change in the Supply Chain (SC) industry. Innovations continue to gain wider appeal as companies respond to the changing dynamics of the logistics market. “For the past several years, a struggling economy, where company sales cannot solely be spurred by market spending, has pressured companies to look toward better logistics solutions to reduce costs and retain margin,” notes Dan Basmajian, President and CEO of Optricity, a supply chain software innovator and provider based in Research Triangle Park, NC. Optricity addresses these challenges by using patented processes and proprietary optimization engines employed by its innovative breed of SC solutions to help clients solve complex warehousing resource optimization problems. “Technology, and especially supply chain technology, has taken center stage as a successful approach to squeezing costs while enhancing service levels,” Basmajian says.

The Optricity team has identified and created solutions that both elicit cost savings and provide strategic improvements to warehousing operations, frequently providing thought leadership to the industry. With over three decades of experience in supply chain, Optricity leverages its expertise in warehousing, mathematics, and software engineering to offer products like OptiSlot DC™ (OptiSlot), an advanced slotting optimization tool that supports efficient put away, picking and pallet building. “The crucial combination of distribution center domain expertise and understanding of optimization fundamentals and advanced concepts has resulted in the development of highly effective slotting optimization functionality,” explains Basmajian. “Optricity developed the OptiSlot product to provide benefit by directly targeting opportunities for improvements in both the forward pick and replenishment areas.” Benefits range from reduced selection travel times and better controlled replenishment cycles to better use of distribution center space, a safer work environment through ergonomic considerations, better service levels through stable load building and reduced stockouts, and a generally better work environment due to proactive measures suggested by the slotting optimization software.

In addition to its commitment to providing benefit through the OptiSlot software, Optricity also recognizes the importance of investing in its clients and partners to help further and foster innovation in the industry. “Optricity is a software company primarily focused on developing, implementing and supporting (with reckless abandon) our products,” Basmajian explains.
“That said, invention at Optricity occurs all day, every day.” To cultivate its creations and development, this year Optricity launched a new onsite Training and Innovation Center at its headquarters. According to Basmajian, Optricity uses its new lab to host clients, partners, and engineering workshops to explore new concepts, train on advanced slotting technology, and analyze the latest requirements in distribution operations while examining and solving hard-to-fit optimization models.

It’s the successful implementation of the innovations that requires discipline and time to harness into useful, usable and beneficial products or product enhancements

In its tenth year, Optricity has garnered clients across the globe and in various industries spanning grocery, food service, electronics, consumer packaged goods, 3PL, automotive, pharmaceuticals, janitorial supplies, and more. Basmajian attributes Optricity’s success in large part to its ability to research cutting edge academic work and then adapt it, adding original Optricity-born concepts, to fit real world situations. “It’s the successful implementation of the innovations that requires discipline and time to harness into useful, usable and beneficial products or product enhancements,” Basmajian says.

What’s next? Optricity continues to innovate in the industry, delving into what it has coined “Supercharged Workplace Optimization Software Solutions - Inside of the Four Walls of the Warehouse,” which combines domain expertise and specialized optimization and software development skills. “Think optimized product layout, sequencing and scheduling of product and equipment, labor productivity, routing and queuing of resources inside of a warehouse to improve efficiencies, simulation, worker assignment and workflow gains, labor optimization,” Basmajian describes.“Workplace Optimization Software requires innovation and precision, a coupling of skills we are uniquely bringing to our current client base around the globe and to the broader warehousing market in 2016.”


Research Triangle Park, NC

Dan Basmajian, President & CEO

Optricity provides advanced supply chain (SC) software,including slotting optimization, to businesses across industries to improve operational efficiency and cost cuts.