LynnCo Supply Chain Solutions: A Step Ahead Of Traditional 3PL Solution Providers

Wendy Buxton, President
In order to optimize costs, companies often tread on traditional decision-making processes by concentrating only on freight costs, overlooking supply chain management, which is the second largest cost driver in any organization.“Technology adoption is fast-becoming a key to not only differentiating services, but in sustaining a high performing supply chain that helps reduce costs in areas beyond materials procurement and transportation rate reductions,” says Wendy Buxton, President, LynnCo Supply Chain Solutions, Inc. Headquartered in Tulsa, OK, LynnCo offers greater real-time visibility and predictive data for its client contrary to traditional methods of information gathering, like EDI, which are often latent, riddled with inaccuracy and less than comprehensiveness. Founded by the industry icon Lynn Fritz, LynnCo is a third-party logistics (3PL) partner focused on leveraging lean methodologies to provide supply-chain management solutions for companies having specialized, and often fragmented, supply chains. “LynnCo embraces lean concepts both internally and within our solutions, allowing clients to reap the benefits of supply chain performance efficiency regardless of their own level of lean adoption,” adds Buxton.

LynnCo leverages technology designed to push beyond traditional reporting and visibility functions by deploying innovative practices and tools that work proactively to avoid problems before they occur. LynnCo helps clients identify these factors with a holistic approach rather than them as siloed components. The company conducts focused value stream mapping around these decision points, identifying ways to either change legacy business practices or deploy technology that drives the automation of risk and cost reducing decisions.“Our solutions focus on decision points that do not appear to have direct relations with cost, but actually do drive up transportation cost,” adds Buxton. “Our SuiteMetrics platform within SuiteEdge™ is designed to specifically measure these unique cause and effect activities on a client by client basis,” Buxton continues.

LynnCo’s proprietary SuiteEdge™ exercises a high level of precision, control and visibility, lending continuous support and reducing costs in supply chains for manufacturers across industries. Fueling this high level of service, the company also deploys traceable sensors within its clients’ supply chain, which not only provides real-time co-ordinates, but also notifies route deviation or tampering— cutting down theft risks without any human intervention.
This enables LynnCo to gain the trust of its clients who manufacture extremely high-value products.These innovative “reading” devices deployed within the supply chain gather extreme amounts of data, and LynnCo heavily invests each year in serving up tools that correlates this data into easy-to-consume, intelligent information. “We focus on providing supply chain intelligence beyond historical events by marrying up the unique business strategies of our clients with predictive modeling such that we can more accurately plan for the future,” says Buxton.

LynnCo’s solution provides predictability and efficiency and institutionalizes accountability in its client’s path of continuous improvement. LynnCo helped save one of its clients over $10 million in the first year by suggesting some minor changes. The client had a major accident which resulted in product damage and proved to be very costly the previous year. From there, the company had been using over-sized specialized trailers for shipping their final product to the dock to ensure liabilities were minimized regardless of whether it was needed. To solve the problem, LynnCo interviewed people on the shop-floor and studied decision-making points and automated the decision making process with greater managerial control, resulting in well-calculated decisions and hence, saving the company a significant amount of money.

We focus on providing Supply chain intelligence beyond inspecting historical events by marrying up the unique business strategies of our clients with predictive modeling

“Our key differentiation lies in our attentive focus on gaining a keen understanding of our clients’ unique business needs, designing boutique solutions that solve challenges beyond typical transportation issues,” adds Buxton. Because of their demonstrated success in this personalized servicing model, LynnCo creates high value, long term partnerships, negating the traditional client slippage that is so often incurred within the 3PL industry.

LynnCo Supply Chain Solutions

Tulsa, OK

Wendy Buxton, President

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