Fleetilla: Remote Assets Visibility for Real-time Fleet Operations

Pradeep P Kumar, CEO
The scope and role of logistics have unequivocally become global and changed radically over the years. Accountability, visibility, and service have evolved into imperative touch stones to estimate logistics providers. Logistics data needs to be collected at every point, stored and analyzed, keeping up with security and other concern. With the onset of IoT, there is a belief that everything can be tracked, analyzed and accounted for. “Logistics is all about managing the flow of assets strategically. Creative use of technologies that enhance asset visibility can provide leaders within the logistics sector a definite competitive edge,” states Pradeep P Kumar, CEO of Fleetilla. “Our solutions are geared towards proving web-based fleet tracking and easy-to-use online fleet management application to customers.” Whether client desires a simple solution to just track vehicles or a feature rich platform to do dispatching and fleet management, Fleetilla has the right solutions for you.

Headquartered in Ann Arbor, MI, Fleetilla is a global provider of vehicle tracking, asset tracking, cloud-based GPS fleet management and other telematics solutions.“Our solutions are deployed in a wide variety of industries with integrated, robust, adaptable and state-of-the-art logistics technology,” says Kumar. These widespread industries comprise construction, distribution and delivery, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, long haul trucking, oil and gas exploration and production, and fleet security.“Based on the configurations of the solution and the manner in which the customer is using it, they can derive remarkable advantages on Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management solutions,”asserts Kumar. This benefit includes increased fleet efficiency by identifying situations where unproductive time is being spent. The Vehicle Tracking system creates accurate and verifiable employee and vehicle/assets activity reports that can be used in accounting and billing systems. Fuel bills are lowered by recognizing idling and unauthorized usage.In addition, improved Vehicle and Cargo Security through GPS based tracking systems prevents both vehicle and cargo thefts as well as aids in recovery. Apart from all of these noteworthy benefits, Fleetilla's system allows lower maintenance and insurance cost, improved utilization of mobile and remote assets visibility, enhanced critical asset availability, and visibility into equipment usage by the company’s customer.

Fleetilla designs its own hardware and cloud-based applications which give it an edge over the competition. The GPS tracking fleet provider works meticulously with carrier partners to deliver an integrated solution. “OEM telematics is a significant segment for us and having control over hardware, firmware, wireless and applications allows us to customize prompt solutions that are distinctive for an OEM customer,” asserts Kumar.

Fleetilla’s solutions are geared toward proving web based fleet tracking and easy-to-use online fleet management application to customers

Additionally, Fleetilla is a leader in long-life battery-powered asset tracking solutions that can work in any challenging environments (FL950 Series product). “Our ultra-low power designs provide extremely long battery life,” says Kumar. Fleetila’s solutions reduce operating expenses for fleets of all sizes while enhancing customer satisfaction and revenue enhancements. To illustrate, a large equipment rental organization in North America sought a system to effortlessly install a variety of equipments. The system needed to determine certain operating parameters and the entire solution required seamless integration with the client’s software systems. In order to fulfill the requirements of this client, Fleetilla incorporated changes to multiple components of the telematics value chain and was able to quickly productize the needs across different domains.

Moving ahead, Fleetilla sees significant overseas growth opportunities. In addition, Fleetilla envisages huge opportunities in remote monitoring, IoT (Internet of Things), Big Data analytics, enterprise mobility and other areas where Kumar feels the team’s skill-set is easily deployable.


Ann Arbor, MI

Pradeep P Kumar, CEO

A global provider of vehicle tracking, asset tracking, cloud-based GPS fleet management and other telematics solutions