CT Logistics: Managing and Auditing Logistics Traffic

Allan J. Miner, President
Allan J. Miner, President, CT Logistics, enjoys watching ice-hockey, where players are required to skate fast according to the movement of the puck. “Similarly, in the fast paced logistics industry, I listen to our clients and the experts at CT, so that we anticipate the changes in the industry and never have to ‘chase the puck’,” says Miner. In the current logistics market scenario, multiple factors have constrained transportation service provider’s (TSP’s) capacity to perform specific services. This has increased the cost incurred by companies to ship their products in terms of price paid to TSPs. CIOs now require additional information about the costs with regards to logistics. Fulfilling these requirements, CT Logistics provides detailed audit and payment visibility by producing customized business intelligence (BI) reports to meet customers’ unique internal logistics requirements in a cost effective manner.

CT is a third-party service provider of freight related post audit, pre-audit, Business Intelligence, and transportation management consulting. The company’s flagship services in the freight payment and freight audit space for all types and modes of shipment on an international basis are AuditPay and CTrak services. AuditPay provides shippers a pre-audit and accurate payment of freight bills to help them monitor and control their company's transportation costs. CTrak—a parcel audit Software solution helps in reducing costs thereby accelerating savings. The products supporting these services are CT’s TMS software—FreitRater, CTLion software and TranSaver, which are available via the cloud for easy reporting of BI. FreitRater is a bill audit, payment and management reporting system designed specifically for freight shippers or consignees in today's competitive environment. As a supply chain optimizer, CT offers CTLion (Logistics Intelligence Optimization Network) which is a customized freight audit and payment system and TranSaver—a shipper’s co-op program.

For instance, the utilization of CT’s TranSaver shipping co-op
and FreitWeb LCR (Least Cost Routing)application and tools, helps clients in their business development.
Via the web, on a PC or mobile device, clients can instantaneously get freight quotes to price new customers, location and sites.This facilitates new business for clients as CT delivers premium shipping discounts with reliable transportation service providers.

CT Logistics provides detailed visibility by producing customized business intelligence(BI) reports to meet customers’ unique internal logistics requirements in a cost effective manner

Miner discloses that adding the name “Logistics” to “CT” which are the initials of “Commercial Traffic,” allowed the company to be more identifiable to a broader set of prospects that need products or services in the entire supply chain arena. This helped the company to formulate its core business model and strategy which is to fulfill the ever-changing needs of clients and the industry by being flexible and receptive. Further, it also facilitated CT to create and deliver new and value-added products and services to the global marketplace.

“To create and produce leading edge transportation Management Services (TMS) products for our global clients, we invest huge amounts in IT staff, R&D, hardware, software, applications and interfaces,” asserts Miner. As CT has its own in-house IT department and staff, it can design, develop and deliver specific services and products, which are highly customizable to each client’s business requirements.

With 92 years of experience, the CT Logistics teams have been part of the success stories of many customers through the years. Advancing forward, CT’s next big step is to launch its new software, FreitLion in the last quarter of 2015 for additional functionality in the supply chain arena and more TMS applications.

CT Logistics

Cleveland, OH

Allan J. Miner, President

Providers of freight related post audit, pre-audit, Business Intelligence, and transportation management solutions