UTi Worldwide: Custom-made Integration Solutions for Complex Logistics Requirements

Ron Berger, CIO
Warehousing is the backbone of efficiently running global supply chains of today. The requirement for cost-effective and innovative warehouse management solutions is forcing companies to opt for integrated logistics solutions and value added services from a single source. This can be addressed with the cost-effective options provided by the ubiquitous nature of non-asset logistics providers. “The software products available today have much deeper functionality, enabling consolidation of multiple systems with less disruption to the business and to clients. This helps in saving time and cost in an effectual comportment,” affirms Ron Berger, Chief Information Officer, UTi Worldwide.

Headquartered in Long Beach, CA, UTi Worldwide is a nonasset based supply chain management company that leverages a wide range of dedicated warehousing solutions including multiclient warehousing, transportation management, and in-plant logistics services to serve various companies globally. Started as a freight forwarder in 1926, UTi Worldwide has grown into a global supply chain management company with 21,000 employees in 59 countries.

Today, the company offers complete supply chain solutions including distribution and customs brokerage, and contract logistics—capable of providing demand chain services globally. Currently, UTi’s global information system is one among the only three global end-to-end information systems in the industry, providing visibility and supply chain control to the clients using a single platform.

Leveraging standardized platforms for warehousing and sequencing services, the company focuses on two primary business lines—contract logistics and distribution business, along with freight forwarding business. “For the broader contract logistics space, the problem lies in getting a solution that can be implemented with the highest quality in the shortest time. In the case of UTi, we have custom approaches from concept to implementation that provides a higher quality product for our clients,” explains Berger. In the case of Freight Forwarding, the company has developed an in-house system that provides business lines with the ability to offer unique capabilities across global networks.
In the distribution business, UTi is a single source distribution provider offering full shipment level visibility throughout the entire supply chain.

We work within five year strategic cycles and evaluate what is happening with technology within that framework

One of the company’s most innovative solutions is the ‘inventory-optimization-as-service,’ a tool developed over the past 8 years for the industrial, automotive, and pharmaceutical verticals. Using this solution, UTi conducts daily replenishment planning and demand forecasting as an extension of the client’s supply and demand planning teams. “In order to make the process user-friendly, the clients’ don’t have to buy the expensive software, or retrain a new internal team,” says Berger. The clients can also hold the team accountable for delivering increased inventory turns each year.
UTi follows a five year strategy in order to adjust consistently to the evolving trends of the logistics sector.
“We work with five year strategic cycles and evaluate what is happening with technology within that frame,” claims Berger. For instance, in response to the recent trend, the company is moving its internally hosted technology to shared data centers cloud-based systems.

UTi’s client centric approach is unique as the firm works with customers who best fit the working environment and expertise of the company. This approach focuses on the quality of implementation and outcome. Moving ahead, “Our customer centric approach will not change as that is what we believe makes UTi a great company to work with”, explains Berger. UTi’s priority would be to meet the increasing needs of the clients through innovative platforms and develop cost-effective solutions that meet the challenging needs of today’s logistics sector.


Long Beach, CA

Ron Berger, CIO

Non-asset based supply chain management provider delivering costeffective end-to-end supply chain solutions