TACG: Connecting the Dots in Delivery of Services

Brian Chaney, President
Two decades ago, the logistics industry ran on manual entries and spreadsheets; and today they run on mobile devices and instant information. This is a fact that Brian Chaney, President, TACG, understands to the core and being at the helm of the company that specializes in providing logistics and supply chain services, he and his team of engineers are striving to provide state-of-the-art enterprise solutions that help companies in this age of instant data and mobile devices.

“There is an overflow of information today that nobody can truly process and understand. Also the ERP systems used by most companies generally produce a lot of information that is not understandable,” claims Chaney. “It is essential to transform that information into something meaningful and that is what we do in the logistics and supply chain space,” he adds. Leveraging this information from multiple data sources, TACG provides an array of logistics and supply chain services, including Logistics Operations Management, Business Process Design/Reengineering, Organizational Change Management (OCM), and Functional Logistics Requirements Identification and Documentation. The company helps organizations maximize their supply chain and logistics capabilities through a client-focused approach. “Our team use results driven methodologies to help define a company’s unique key performance indicators, and work with them to create a clearly defined roadmap to drive specific, tailored solutions that support their goals and objectives,” affirms Chaney.

TACG offers the advantage of one stop shop as it boasts an extensive channel partner network, which includes many of the world’s leading software and hardware solutions from CA Technologies, OpenText, Shibumi, Microsoft, IBM, AccessData, FileTrek and many more. “These strong partnerships allow us to offer our clients the best possible pricing,” notes Chaney. TACG also ensures that client’s network is up to date with the latest cyber security measures to ensure the security of information.

For an elaborate understanding of the functionalities of TACG, consider the example of a crane manufacturer.

Our team uses results driven methodologies to help define company’s unique key performance indicators, and works with them to create a clearly defined roadmap to drive specific, tailored solutions that support their goals and objectives

The client needed to support their mobile inspection, but were not getting the required feedback from the field due to the inefficient process. They were building the cranes, inspecting them by hand, filling out spreadsheets, sending them back to the office, and eventually someone else would co-relate that and put it in the database. “We came up with a simplified mobile technology to assist the client,” says Chaney. It was a mobile app that allowed the client to check certain key areas. The crane manufacturer had concerns that some of their suppliers, or some of the smaller parts of their manufacturing supply chain weren’t doing well. “Creating a web based app enabled them to not only inspect the final product, but also helped them to collect certain key pieces of information that made dramatic improvements in their strategic supplier sourcing and machinery inspection,” he notes.

Being a firm believer of the notion that “No one company is greater than the sum of its people” Chaney aims to create a hierarchy of teams at TACG that can build a brain thrust. “We also aspire to build a constructive relationship with our competition that will help us obtain greater insights about what is happing in the industry, and enable the collaboration of information and propel the firm to new levels,” he concludes.


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Brian Chaney, President

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