Miro Technologies & Tapestry Solutions: Carting End-to-End Logistics with GOLDesp

Geoff Evans Director and General Manager
Headquartered in San Diego,Miro Technologies and Tapestry Solutions emerged as a premier logistics application provider catering to the Aerospace/ Defense (A&D) market in the U.S. The company later expanded its solutions beyond A&D and commercial Maintenance, Repair and Operation (MRO) clients to Europe, Asia and South Africa. In 2012, Boeing acquired Miro Technologies to merge with Tapestry Solutions (acquired by Boeing in 2008) and work as a part of the Global Services & Support business within Boeing Defense, Space & Security.

Spearheaded by Geoff Evans, Director and General Manager, Miro Technologies and Tapestry Solutions currently provide endto- end logistics and asset management solutions that support maintenance, supply, repair and performance based logistics for assets operating in air, space, sea and ground level environments. The company is entrusted with ensuring availability of the client’s assets, reducing the work expenses and providing insight to the asset performance and operation. The firm designs and develops software to manage maintenance, repair and overhaul of complex assets such as tactical jets, military transports, commercial aircrafts, helicopters, rockets, satellites, UAVs, engines, avionics, naval assets, and ground vehicles.

Miro Technologies and Tapestry Solutions focus on ensuring maintenance and overall supply chain operation of the customer through GOLDesp, a solution engraving multiple functionalities. “GOLDesp provides our customers with visibility into imperfections in their operations that might derail the scheduled plan. This will enable clients to take action for avoiding such instances,” asserts Evans. The solution bestows the global asset visibility with overall life-cycle management support for complex assets. It comes with a commercial off-the-shelf application that can be configured to support several programs like depot-level repair management, integrated operational support programs and many more.

Other products in the GOLDesp product line include load planning, terminal management, transportation management, network modelling and optimization, and crew and resource scheduling software applications for a variety of commercial and government customers.
Miro and Tapestry’s solutions are open to any alteration in accordance to the client business’ requirements. The company has a self-integrated expert team to heed the customer’s requirements and customize the solution accordingly. “Our idea is to put ourselves into the customer’s shoes so that not only they appreciate we understand their business but also become confident enough to find better ways to improve their operation that would bring on-going value to their business,” explains Evans.

Having gratified customers around the globe, Miro Technologies’ efficiency in serving the logistics sector is supported by the huge number of success stories the company has under its belt. One of them involves the story of C-17 Repair of Repairable (ROR) program, a $3.5 billion program for the Boeing Company in the mid 1990s. Boeing was unable to get full visibility of the components throughout the repair process, which restricted the effective management of repairs from the U.S. Air Force. Miro’s GOLD helped the company centralize the ROR program under Boeing oversight, enabling Boeing to manage the turnaround times and repair costs under the supervision of Air Force Inventory Item Managers at Warner Robins Air Logistics Center. The project became so successful that the Air Force contracted total lifecycle management and C-17 management support to Boeing.

Our expertise in logistics is making a difference with our international defense customers

A Few years down the line, Evans envisions optimizing the customer’s operation by minimizing the total expense of ownership. “We are going to offer more functionality on the devices that our customers are using- the functionality that can be taken into the other parts of the operation besides where we are playing today- mobile devices and tablets,” he says. Evans also foresees the company’s focus on predictive and prescriptive analytics and automation for managing disruptions during the course of operation.

Miro Technologies & Tapestry Solutions

Tapestry Solutions San Diego, CA

Geoff Evans Director and General Manager

Provides end-to-end logistics and asset management solutions to military,goverment and commercial customers around the globe.