JBF Consulting: Supply Chain Execution One Step at a Time

Brad Forester, CEO
Can you imagine running an ultra marathon? If you’ve implemented a new supply chain execution (SCE) system you know that distance running and project implementation can be very much the same.
Brad Forester, CEO of JBF Consultingis a lover of ultra marathons and a seasoned supply chain professional. For him, running – like a new project - is never a static process, since every step is different due to the diverse environment around him. “I have done some very large projects and they feel like ultra-marathons - you take one step at a time to get to the finish line,” explains Forester. Forester’s determination and enthusiasm to work towards his goals are a reflection on JBF Consulting’s expertise in assisting industry leaders cut costs and improve profits by leveraging their investments in SCEtechnology.

Founded in 2003, JBF Consulting’s unique expertise and industry backgrounds lie in t h e field of packaged SCE technology implementation. The c o m p a n y ’ s core focus lies on assessment, selection and delivery of enterprise SCEsystems. “Whether it’s a new install, upgradeor enhancements to an existing install, we handle everything functionally and technically from project planningto post-implementation support,”describes Forester.

The company believes in the motto that every client is unique and the underlying themes are consistent across most of them. “Many of our clients’ measure basic statistics like uptime, availability, and requests opened and resolved.
Though these factors are important for the IT department, the question arises as to who is responsible for trackingthings like data quality, user satisfaction or evolving functional requirements. This inquiry is where most SCE users have address to effectively measure ROI or performance,” adds Forester.

JBF Consulting believes that clients who have invested in enterprise technology, whether it’s an ERP or an on-premise Transport Management System (TMS) or Warehouse Management System (WMS) need to understand that they have essentially become a software company. “These clients have a piece of technology they own and need to figure out how to deploy, enhance and use to its potential,” explains Forester.
With this unique perspectiveon implementation, the company has been extremely successful in delighting their clients year after year. JBF Consulting’s “magic differentiator” is their pragmatic approach to nurturing a client engagement from implementation start to finish, and then beyond.

Our team is a group of highly motivated and experienced craftsmen who spend extra time getting to know our clients – their requirements and their unique challenges

“We don’t walk away from clients who have unique, complicated implementation requirements. We thrive on complexity and scale, and actually enjoy coming up with creative solutions to our clients’ challenges,” asserts Forester. Viewing the team as highly motivated and experienced craftsmen, the company spends extra time in understanding the requirements and challenges of the clients.

For instance, JBF Consulting worked with a client who had purchased a TMS to essentially perform some minor transportation planning. The client had a large number of requirements like inventory allocation and promotions planning that were well outside the ‘normal’ scope of the TMS. With the help of JBF’s in-depth knowledge of the tool, the company was able to deliver effective solutions that met 90 percent of their requirements. “We met the objective without customization and we ensured that it was within the client’s budget,” reckons Forester.

Moving ahead, JBF is planning to expand its operations by further integrating WMS implementation services. “There are many overlaps and touch-points between a TMS and WMS. Our focus is to refine our service to address the critical needs of our clients and help them become more mature users of their technology,” Forester concludes.

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Brad Forester, CEO

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