InSight Mobile Data: Delivering Real-Time ‘InSight’ into Complex Mobile Work Environments

John E. Eller, Founder & CEO
A significant opportunity for the commercial logistics industry right now is to leverage mobile technology to more efficiently measure, manage and optimize the flow of goods and equipment. In an environment where lack of operational visibility and timely problem notification are serious challenges, companies like InSight Mobile Data are reducing inefficiencies and operating costs with innovative mobile resource management solutions that are a perfect fit for the logistics sector. Guided by founder John Eller, InSight focuses on providing companies with a complete picture of their mobile operation and helping logistics professionals make smarter, faster decisions to streamline their workflow.

InSight was founded in 1998 after Eller recognized the potential benefits of location-based intelligence and remote monitoring to improve efficiency and increase safety in mobile work environments. The company’s solutions have since expanded to include a long list of services like dispatch communications, route optimization and assignment, mobile worker productivity apps and many more. Presently, the firm develops flexible and innovative mobile resource management solutions that provide real-time visibility into the overall fleet operation.“The traditional challenges of lack of visibility and timely notification are now being overcome through real-time tracking of goods, equipment, people, and the mobile fleet,” asserts Eller.

The company’s core solution–Street- Eagle Professional software - comes with diverse functionality that goes beyond simply tracking vehicles and assets. It has exception alerts automation when activities deviate too far from what’s planned,such as: excessive speeding or idling, aggressive driving, proximity to a location, over or under temperature, and driver emergencies. With StreetEagle Pro, clients capture and integrate real-time activity and location data from all vehicles, assets and mobile workers using a singleconfigurable and user-friendly platform. The solution is organized into three modules- Mobile Resource Management Solutions, Routing and Dispatch Solutions and Mobility Solutions.

“There’s much more to what we do than simply tracking trucks as they move down the road,” says Eller.
“Logistics operations also need insight into how drivers are performing, when deliveries or pickups are made, whether employees are clocking in and out and arriving on time. They also need proof of delivery and to seamlessly share data with the back office. Our mission is toto help uncover inefficient practices and capture savings that build the bottom line.”

One of InSight’s clients, a large East Coast-based refrigerated food distributor, exemplifies how the StreetEagle platform provides data far beyond vehicle location. The client uses StreetEagle to alert the warehouse for pending workflow, monitor food temperature to ensure food safety, produce the datasheet for time, date, and location of the fleet and reduce fuel consumption.

StreetEagle also helps promote safety and improve driving performance through driver behavior monitoring,and improves work efficiency with optimized route assignment and navigation. Eller considers the quality of innovation and excellent customer care to be top priorities at InSight. “We’ve earned our customers’ trust over two decades, and we make sure to respond personally with quick resolution in any emergency. This is where most of the players in our industry fall short,” he observes. “InSight has tightly integrated sales and customer care with development to set new product priorities, work with customers, and deliver solutions that meet their specific business requirements.”

We develop flexible and innovative fleet management and asset solution to provide real-time visibility into the overall fleet operation

Moving forward, InSight Mobile Data plans to continue exploring ways to improve efficiencies and reduce costs in the mobile work environment.“We will continue to expand our client coverage and increase our knowledge of emerging technologies to help make our customers more competitive and profitable in their markets,” Eller concludes.

InSight Mobile Data

California, MD

John E. Eller, Founder & CEO

A multi-functionality solution provider catering to real-time visibility into the fleet operation and workflow