GreenMile: Fulfilling Last-Mile Transportation Needs with realtime Vehicle Performance Tracking

CIO VendorJeff Lear, Vice President of Sales
The present scenario in the logistics industry is nothing less than a battlefield. W ith numerous players contending to bring down the complexities associated with product and service delivery, a wide range of choices are opening up for the end-user. One company that continues to gain a lot of recognition is GreenMile. GreenMile was founded in 2005 with a vision to meet the ever-expanding need for accurate route and fleet performance tracking through its 100 percent cloudbased transportation suite. The company’s SaaS based solutions assist clients with real-time visibility into route planning and execution, dispatch management, and delivery KPI’s.

The GreenMile Live solution functions as the “command center” of the system, providing real-time insight into what’s happening with routes, drivers, customers, and orders. It delivers ‘actual vs planned’ information, supplying up-to-the-minute information on route and delivery status along with any alterations or exceptions occurring with the route plan. It also allows distributors to monitor fleet performance against their planned routes, providing realtime feedback on what’s happening in the field and automatically passing this updated information back into their route planning software to create more accurate routes going forward.

GreenMile Driver is a mobile application designed to work on multiple operating systems and devices. It facilitates two-way communication between the driver and the operation center and provides real-time updates or changes to the route, order, or customer status, allowing the mobile resource to be much more effective in the field. Another mobile application, GreenMile Manager, allows transportation executives, route supervisors, and managers to easily view their entire fleet’s current position as well as the summary status of all routes in progress throughout the day from their smart phone or tablet.

GreenMile excels in analytics, dashboards and business intelligence which allows their solution to propel distributors to the next level. The software is designed to meet the various needs of wholesalers though a single SaaS-based platform. One of GreenMile’s strengths is its cloud-based technology which was designed to meet the specific needs associated with last-mile transportation and handle the complexities related to fleet management. “With a move to the cloud, the ROI for our customer is much quicker and with minimal capital investment than with traditional on-premise software,” asserts Jeff Lear, Vice President of Sales at GreenMile.
“GreenMile has developed this technology over a 10 year period, understanding what the market was looking for and then delivering exactly what our customers needed in order to be successful,” says Lear. “We continue to work very closely with our customers, designing and enhancing our offerings in ways that specifically address the requirements of companies with private fleets. The partnership we forge with our customers is something that’s pretty unique in the space and another big reason we’ve been so successful versus our competition; upwards of 70 percent of new functionality that we release is still customer driven.”

Having big brands like Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Praxair, and Unilever as members of its customer base, GreenMile has quickly evolved into a market leader in software logistics. One such success story is Republic National Distributing Company (RNDC) - the second largest wine and spirits distributor in the United States. RNDC partnered with GreenMile in order to decrease the overall cost associated with delivery. GreenMile helped RNDC to gain immediate benefits by providing real-time visibility into the delivery day as well as information on their drivers, which quickly lead to a reduction in fuel spend along with increased productivity in the field. “With GreenMile, we have gained visibility into all the trucks and routes across the entire company. Simply stated, the GreenMile system is the mission-critical ‘bridge’ between our routing software and the telematics devices in our trucks,” quoted John Friel, Distribution Director for RNDC.

The partnership we forge with our customers is pretty unique… upwards of 70 percent of new functionality that we release is still customer driven

Moving ahead, Lear sees continued expansion for the company both domestically and abroad. “Our technology is state-of-the-art, but our business model and philosophy still remain pretty simple: deliver a customer-centric service model and create technology that allows our customers to improve their end customer’s overall delivery experience. Or said another way, build great products that add value a take care of your clients,” Lear concludes.


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Jeff Lear, Vice President of Sales

A SaaS based solution that provides clients with real-time visibility into route execution, dispatch management, actual vs plan reporting, and vehicle & driver performance