Cloud Logistics: Simplifying the Global Supply Chain Market

Mark Nix, CEO
The world of logistics and supply chain operations has become increasingly convoluted over the years. Unstable economies, lack of infrastructure facilities and advanced technologies are posing a diverse range of challenges today, where the age old issue of choosing the best-of- breed supply chain solutions and applications persist. Most CIO’s and their operating teams have realized the inherent problems in adopting single Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems since it delivers only 60-70 percent of the functionality. In order to solve this challenge, Cloud Logistics takes a holistic approach in providing modern solutions that manage the end-to-end supply chain with rich functionality.

Headquartered in West Palm Beach, FL, Cloud Logistics simplifies the pulse of the supply chain by enabling users to communicate and share information in real-time—providing a unique platform to design and launch web-based workflow portals to vendors, customers, and logistics service providers with modern internet software applications. For instance, if a supplier in China makes adjustments in the orders, it gives an instant update to the retailers in U.S. “As the goods are being shipped, we track their movement across multiple modes until it arrives at a crossdock and then to the stores or out for home delivery,” quotes Mark Nix, CEO, Cloud Logistics. With over 28 years of supply software chain experience, Nix has carved a niche in addressing the global needs of customers of every size.

The company has a vision to assemble the best-of-breed cloud offerings for warehousing, demand forecasting, replenishment, and network planning, and currently delivers key solutions in the areas of order collaboration, global tracking, selection and route optimization, shipment rating, carrier match-pay/freight settlement, instant messaging, Proof of Delivery (POD) signature capture and client invoicing for third party logistics.“Our unique service offering Logistics Activity Stream captures the activity from IOS/Android mobile applications in order to connect every mode of communication including photos, signature, and instant messages about every shipment,” exclaims Nix.

The simplified user interface enables customers to easily master the skills, to utilize Cloud Logistics’ solutions. The company’s patent pending federated configurable workflow architecture allows its customers to have a completely different outlook utilizing different feature sets while accessing the same code base hosted at Amazon Web Services (AWS).
Being closely associated with large retailers, manufacturers, third party logistics providers, freight forwarders, and vendors from across the globe, Cloud Logistics has one of the most experienced teams in the global TMS industry that has worked together for over two decades. The team has worked with numerous pioneers in the industry including FedEx’s Caliber third party logistics team and Kroger in the late 90’s, before bringing social, mobile, and cloud together on a more modern architecture. One of Cloud Logistics’ clients was facing a problem of losing out on a per invoice fee plus half of the savings while sending invoices out to third party auditors since they had to split the savings. With the help of Cloud Logistics’s solutions, the client noticed a significant change wherein the match-pay functionality eliminated significant carrierbilling errors, without sending the invoices to third parties. The business intelligence and contract management helped improve carrier relations, contracting, and lane negotiations, resulting in additional savings. “By automating the entire process many of our clients saved 70–75 percent of the manual effort of calling, faxing, tracking, printing, and reporting in the long run,” asserts Nix.

Our patent pending federated configurable workflow architecture allows our customers to have a completely different outlook, while accessing the same code base hosted at Amazon Web Services

Moving ahead, “We would focus on providing our clients with the next generation suite to integrate to their SAP, NetSuite, Microsoft, Oracle, and other ERP investments. Cloud Logistics is using AWS to expand its geographical location to support the increasing demands from other regions,” concludes Nix.

Cloud Logistics

West Palm Beach, FL

Mark Nix, CEO

Provides a unique platform to design and launch web-based workflow portals to vendors, customers, and logistics service providers using modern internet software applications