OnProcess Technology: Comprehensive SSCO Programs

Edward Barry, CEO
Inadequate or excessive manual back office systems and services cause challenges in reporting, reconciliation, lack of connectivity between diverse departments and vendors, hampering insight into inventories. OnProcess Technology’s Service Supply Chain Optimization (SSCO) for services can address all these issues and more.

OnProcess Technology, headquartered in Ashland, MA, provides SSCO and customer experience management services to technology companies; giving them visibility into, control of, and actionable data-driven insights from, their service supply chain and customer experience processes. The company has been an innovator and pioneer in the development of comprehensive SSCO programs for companies with post-sales service operations. OnProcess gives its clients unprecedented insights into their service supply chain operations and customer service experiences with the help of its proprietary technology platform, a strong data management and process methodology, optimal mix of proactive outreach technologies and media, and data-driven analytics and reporting.

SSCO is a complete suite of services which combines inbound triage and warranty entitlement; creation of an RMA (return merchandise authorization) with the dispatch of parts and technicians; and comprehensive asset retrieval services. In addition, the company provides shared services that enable clients to cost effectively leverage and extend OnProcess infrastructure and expertise through various stages of evolution and growth.

The company’s holistic approach provides a comprehensive, systems-agnostic set of services to address complex service supply chain challenges both immediately, and over the long term. It identifies the process challenges, systems gaps, data requirements and resource constraints that keep clients' operations from achieving their potential.
Their subject matter expertise and ability to quickly execute and deliver results has helped bring tremendous cost savings and improved profitability to many companies across industries.

OnProcess’s clients are leading companies in each of their chosen fields and include broadband/cable, wireless communications, telecom equipment, consumer electronics, retail, medical devices and network and storage technology. Clients include: Comcast, Time Warner, Covidien, Philips, GE Healthcare, HP, EMC, Avaya, and Ciena.

“We see great opportunity to expand within these verticals – as our clients continue to work with us and experience the results we deliver, they often present us with additional challenges that can potentially be addressed within our growing service offerings” says Edward Barry, CEO of OnProcess Technology

Our mission is to provide measurable, predictable and sustainable results for our clients

OnProcess has expanded its global reach dramatically in the past two years, adding full-time centers of excellence in Bulgaria, India, and Grenada and plans to continue to grow its service offerings. One offering that the company is developing is advanced data analytics which will predict future behaviors and allow its clients to focus scarce resources where they will do the most good. “We are always innovating and always thinking about the needs of our clients. Our mission is to provide measurable, predictable and sustainable results for our clients and is used as an active guide for our decisions – from the top down – and our results for our clients are the evidence of our successful integration into their operations,” says Barry.

OnProcess Technology

Ashland, MA

Edward Barry, CEO

Helping client better understand, operate and manage their aftersale service operations and related customer experiences.