LynnCo Supply Chain Solutions: Technology-Driven Provider of Supply Chain Solutions

Anisya Fritz, CEO
Transportation continues to be the highest logistics cost element and the most commonly outsourced logistics function for any company. LynnCo, headquartered in Tulsa, OK, is a provider of client focused, logistics service model geared toward the centralized management of inbound, outbound, domestic, and international transportation.

LynnCo specializes in providing logistics solutions powered by technology that creates value for its client's supply chain while reducing operating cost and simplifying operations. The primary service offering of the company is the transportation management program which combines freight management principles, collaborative technology, and freight payment services creating a powerful logistics solution.

In addition to transportation, LynnCo is also committed to providing clients with a web-based, fully-hosted technology suite that serves the entire logistics process.
LynnCo’s core solution SuiteEdge, a cost effective and fully supported technology alternative for small to mid-size companies, is comprised of a "best-of-breed" approach that blends top industry software provider solutions with proprietary interface and data exchange mechanisms -- giving its clients centralized access to the most effective software capabilities in the industry.

The solution electronically links LynnCo’s clients with their suppliers, carriers, and their customers, eliminating the need for multiple communication links and website tools. It permits dynamic reporting at any organizational level, for any time period, at multiple detail levels making data easily exportable for analytical purposes.

“Our clients have access to the most effective software in the industry through our web portal, without the capital investment associated with pricey software packages, expensive infrastructure, and costly IT maintenance and support overhead,” says Anisya Fritz, CEO at LynnCo.

LynnCo Supply Chain Solutions

Tulsa, OK

Anisya Fritz, CEO

Provider of logistics solutions powered by collaborative technology.