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CIO VendorSri Himakuntala, CEO
Presently, most mid-sized and large logistics service providers continue to heavily invest in, and be bound by, outdated legacy technology and development methods while flexibility and compatibility with customer data requirements have become the most critical elements for retaining and expanding market share. Intellect Technologies, headquartered in Monmouth Junction, NJ, addresses these concerns with a very robust, integrated approach to providing innovative solutions and IT and management consultancy services for logistics and supply chain markets.

Intellect offers logistics applications including integrated operations solution for Freight Forwarders and NVOCCs (non vessel operating common carrier), broad operations and business management solution for shipping lines and agencies, and a standalone platform to provide e-commerce integration to customs agencies. Intellect’s solutions include a common browser-based user interface that provides customers and trading partners secure and user friendly access to applications. It also offers the option to “brand" the portal with a customer's logo and to customize many data points for each specific customer.

The company’s integrated, single platform approach and the ability to support all locations on a common network provide high profile value and cost savings over non-integrated solutions. Intellect’s multi-modal solutions are very feature-rich and exceed traditional capabilities. Intellect also offers an optional SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) configuration that can be implemented quickly without requiring large up-front capital investments for software and hardware.

The three tiered approach of Intellect; configuration, customization, and personalization, to deliver its products, allows the company to have a diverse client base. Intellect serves organizations ranging from single offices with a few operators to very large logistics service providers and shipping agencies with global reach. One of Intellect’s key global LSPs (logistics service provider) Wen-Parker Logistics (WPL), headquartered in NY operates a network of 17 facilities in 10 countries.
The Intellect eFreight solution helped WPL to provide exceptional service to their clients and to offer the option of a uniquely tailored and branded Customer Portal that delivers data and reports specifically designed to the customer's specifications. The Customer Portal is a browser based access point providing two way controlled data exchange to Intellect’s solution database.

"Customer satisfaction is critical to succeeding in the competitive logistics services industry. Intellect Technologies gives us the ability to offer a greater degree of personalized service to our customers," says Steven Emmanuel, COO at Wen-Parker.

As Intellect continues to become better recognized in the industries it serves, the company plans to focus on two primary areas - an aggressive development agenda to further enhance the capabilities of Intellect’s solutions, and continue to expand the solutions footprint, that is, to offer enhanced components for the management of value added warehousing, ground transportation, and integrated BI capabilities.

Intellect aspires to establish formal partnerships with tier 1 solution providers and deliver pre-integrated applications on demand. The goal is to offer either an integrated single source solution, or to assist its customers to design and implement integration with other existing operational solutions through a robust database product.

“Intellect Technologies is determined to offer the best products possible on the most current platforms to meet the constantly changing and expanding needs of LSPs and shipping lines today and tomorrow,” says Sri Himakuntala, CEO of Intellect.

Intellect’s multi-modal solutions are very feature-rich and exceed traditional capabilities

Intellect Technologies

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Sri Himakuntala, CEO

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