GreenMile: Helping Last-Mile Transportation Go Green

In the private fleet sector, creating an efficient route plan for both service and delivery is very important. But the real challenge is ensuring that the plan is executed correctly after the company’s drivers leave the distribution center. GreenMile, founded in 2005, offers the cloud-based GreenMile Suite to help companies effectively manage their mobile assets, improve their customer service levels, and lower their logistics costs.

GreenMile delivers real-time delivery execution and work order management, mobile integration, and telematics, all through a SaaS-based platform. The company’s solutions are seamlessly integrated with each other as well as designed to be deployed modularly, so whether one GreenMile solution is needed or the entire suite, the platform meets the needs of every customer.

"Our SaaS-based fleet-management solutions help customers reduce their carbon footprint while reducing their distribution costs"

The GreenMile platform helps ensure that the planned routes are followed with the help of its integrated suite. The suite is comprised of a comprehensive SaaS-based mobile dispatching solution which includes job creation, real-time mobile asset management, and visibility into “planned vs. actual” delivery information. The solution enables delivery, service, or sales professionals to stay connected to their company through two-way messaging, surveys, work order management, and turn-by-turn navigation. It allows visibility of the drivers and their routes along with real-time status updates and alerts. Additionally, it provides real-time visibility of drivers, merchandisers, and salespeople, and can track sales visits and performance metrics, including actual service times and costs in conjunction with (or independent of) their current sales automation application.
GreenMile’s comprehensive solutions allow users to manage every facet of their last-mile transportation needs whether the fleet is service based or delivery based. The company has a large presence in both the beverage and food service industries, which are two of the largest verticals currently looking for technology to help with their logistics and transportation needs. GreenMile is also well represented in the field services, fuel oil/LGP, healthcare/medical, and retail markets, all of which deploy numerous mobile resources in the field.

Companies across many different industries have successfully reduced their distribution costs with the assistance of GreenMile’s cloud-based platform and are able to quickly and easily determine if their mobile assets are following the route plan. With GreenMile's products, it's clients are able to fine-tune where their customers are actually located and position them well geographically. The system enables clients to identify low-performing assets and to respond quickly to unforeseen events, thereby avoiding additional costs and improving customer service. The solution also continuously calculates the ETAs (estimated time of arrival) for each delivery, making it possible to notify customers of any potential problems with their delivery, in advance.

“By helping to run your fleet operations more efficiently with our SaaS-based technology, we’re able to positively impact your bottom line while doing the same for the environment. And this helps keep your company in good standing with another very demanding customer – Mother Nature herself!” says Ronald Barcellos, COO at GreenMile.

GreenMile assists their customers in reducing their transportation costs, thus lowering their carbon footprint, all while helping them provide outstanding levels of customer service in an ever-changing and challenging business climate.


In the private fleet sector, creating an efficient route plan for both service and delivery is very important. But the real challenge is ensuring that the plan is executed correctly after the