GPS North America: Web-Based Fleet Management

Todd Lewis, President
Most companies today use technology for fleet and asset management that significantly improves the bottom line of companies and helps deliver top-line service to customers. GPS North America, founded in 2000, is a provider of integrated and comprehensive global positioning system (GPS) tracking, fleet management, and asset tracing solutions across North America. The tracking systems offered by the company empower sales, service, and delivery companies to radically improve their customer service, efficiency, safety, and operating costs.

GPS North America’s flagship solution, SignalTrack, is a web-based fleet management platform that makes vehicle tracking easier and more efficient. The solution also makes key information available at fingertips in order to precisely locate vehicles, trailers or other assets. GPS North America also offers various asset tracking solutions with complementary products and beneficial add-on services that allow clients to better monitor, manage, and protect their fleets, as well as their non-vehicle assets that include heavy equipment, trailers and shipping containers.

Located in Langhorne, PA, GPS North America was one of the first companies to offer live vehicle tracking systems using GPS and also the first one to combine vehicle tracking, trailer tracking, and asset tracking, all in one platform. The company integrates GPS tracking software with dispatch systems—so clients can better manage their business and resources.

The integrated solutions by GPS North America enable companies to better manage their resources, and measure what is going on with their field operations like they could never before. As a leading GPS provider, the company offers great customer service right from pre-sales and installation to ongoing support, and provide flexible and risk free terms.

Web-based fleet management platform that makes vehicle tracking easier and more efficient

The diverse services offered by GPS North America help clients save fuel and prevent accidents by finding the shortest and the least difficult paths, prevent employees from using vehicles for unauthorized personal purposes, prevent delays by enabling quick action during traffic jams and accidents, reduce insurance premiums, and allow quick recovery of stolen equipment.

Thomas Industrial Coatings, an industrial painting and coatings contractor, faced a challenge when one of their trailers was stolen from the site of project being completed by the company. The trailer was filled with more than $100,000 worth of equipment which made it even more crucial to recover. With the help of GPS North America’s tracking device, the company was able to locate the stolen trailer within 24 hours and because the trailer was tracked down within a short span of time, the thieves did not get time to disperse the stolen goods and all of the equipment was returned to the rightful owners.

“The small and medium markets with transport vehicles, vans, and pickups still have below 20 percent penetration of GPS systems. The industry also presents a huge opportunity in tracking construction parts other than vehicles and is projected to grow 4-5 fold over the next couple of years. We are also able to provide temperature tracking of refrigerated compartments, be it a trailer or box truck and provide alert information about location as well as temperature of the compartment. The company has established itself as a market leader as we strongly believe in staying ahead by thinking ahead.” says Todd Lewis, President of GPS North America.

GPS North America

Langhorne, PA

Todd Lewis, President

Offers web-based fleet management platform that makes vehicle tracking easier and more efficient