Geotab: End-to-End Fleet Management Solution

Neil Cawse, CEO
For every company, the drivers and vehicles are amongst the core components of their business. The telematics data collected from vehicles and drivers has been transforming how businesses see themselves including their view of customer interaction in the field, their profitability in delivering goods or performing services, the safety and care of employees as well as capturing information electronically that improves accountability for compliance with some government programs. Geotab, founded in 1996, provides GPS fleet management solutions that help organizations measure aspects of their field operations that until recently was unachievable.

Geotab provides end-to-end, hardware and software, fleet management solutions that are entirely scalable and can be used by both enterprise organizations and small-to-medium sized companies. The company’s products are represented and sold worldwide through its authorized reseller network.

Geotab’s web-hosted reporting solution provides everyday report templates to allow businesses to manage driver behaviors, such as excessive speeding or idling and effectively improve fuel consumption. With the help of the company’s real time event processing solution, customers can view this information in real-time and become proactive to keep their fuel costs down. The company’s web-based SaaS software stores data in large data centers that are secure and updated using industry best practices. The solutions provided by Geotab enable customers to interact with the data through the use of notifications, dashboards and reports as well as using a powerful Software Development Kit (SDK) that includes APIs for highly desired data integration to extend the data availability beyond the Geotab cloud hosted environment. The new “Add-On” feature in Geotab’s SaaS called MyGeotab enables third party software and devices to leverage the strength of the Geotab user interface.

The company positions its ongoing innovation on four pillars - safety, productivity, regulatory compliance, and fleet optimization, helping businesses make impactful improvements.
The company therefore provides software that offers in-vehicle driver coaching, breakthrough accident detection, ultra-accurate engine diagnostics, real-time GPS vehicle tracking, and fuel consumption monitoring. To enhance ease of implementation, Geotab’s latest devices are made ready to use in minutes with a simple plug-and-play installation method that does not require any professional fees.

We believe in supporting the transformation of creative ideas into realities

Geotab has emerged as a leader in the area of GPS fleet management and vehicle tracking, also known as telematics. The company serves clients that include Fortune 500 companies from different industries. For instance, Frito Lay, the snack giant decided to add telematics to its fleet of 17,000 delivery vehicle. Using the telematics system from Geotab, the snack provider is not only able to manage data but is also meeting almost 50 percent reduction in idle time of vehicles.

“Geotab has been committed to innovation within the telematics industry since its inception in 1996. While behind the scenes, the technology capture and software processing is complex, Geotab has grown our industry leadership reputation by making data ‘accessible and simple’ in order for our customers to take action to transform the way they manage their business.

Geotab was the 1st North American telematics provider to make the switch over to 3G and now offers both 3G and CDMA solutions as well as NFC and other add-on peripheral technology.


Oakville, ON

Neil Cawse, CEO

Providing fleet management solutions to improve driver behavior, enhance driver safety, and on-road productivity.