Cleo: Enabling A2A And B2B Enterprise Integration

CIO VendorMahesh Rajasekharan, CEO
The rapid expansion and evolution of the logistics industry demands a competent infrastructure to avoid inefficient business exchanges. Because information is a key component of service and competitive differentiation for logistics companies, the challenge today is how to improve these business exchanges through improved integration capabilities without a complete overhaul of their current infrastructure.

To address this specific logistics industry pain-point, Cleo, headquartered in Illinois, U.S. offers Cleo Harmony, a product that allows companies to integrate both business-to-business and application-to-application connections for their entire enterprise. The Cleo Harmony solution enables large enterprises to move the data, view it, and act on it while ensuring that it is secure and auditable along the way. The product supports high availability and load balancing for logistics companies which strive for 100 percent uptime, since they need the information flow to be ‘on’ at all times. It assists companies with gaining both IT and business visibility into system health and data integrity to become more proactive.

“Cleo’s integration strategy is founded on the principle that there should not be any silos or walls that hinder business interactions. We eliminate these obstacles by implementing A2A (application-to-application), B2B (business-to-business), and P2P (peer-to-peer) integration so that information exchange is vendor- and technology-agnostic. Our integration solutions focus on integrating multi-enterprise (external entities) and enterprise (inter-company) interactions into a single comprehensive network of business interactions,” says Mahesh Rajasekharan, PhD, CEO at Cleo.

With data integration becoming critical to service in the logistics industry, Cleo is gaining traction across all logistics segments, including OTR carriers (over the road), LTL carriers (less than load), package delivery, and 3PL (3rd-party logistics).
The company provides secure and reliable data flows across the industry’s ecosystem with the visibility and security that ensures that they can react quickly to any issue that could impact customer satisfaction.

Cleo serves the core vertical markets of logistics and supply chain. For instance, a large global logistics company with nearly 5 million square feet of warehouse space in and around all major U.S. ports was receiving disparate data in various formats through a variety of protocols. They wanted to update to a more standardized system with better visibility and security to manage the increase in the number of transactions. Cleo’s solution enabled them to effectively and securely move their large data volumes through a high-performance configuration. It also offered the required visibility through reporting functionality that provided necessary documentation for a closed-loop audit trail.

Cleo is investing heavily in its product set to be able to reliably manage even larger data files, provide increased visibility for new business users, and integrate in more innovative ways with end users who are remote and mobile. The company continues to monitor, shape, and support communication protocols that provide a secure means by which to integrate within and beyond company boundaries, both systemically and ad-hoc driven. “Companies today need to move sensitive data between applications and between companies, and they want to do it effortlessly, securely, and seamlessly. With Cleo, it’s easy!” says Rajasekharan.

Cleo solutions handle the most comprehensive demands of multiprotocol communication and integration


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Mahesh Rajasekharan, CEO

Enabling clients to more quickly and reliably connect and have greater visibility into critical information exchanges so they can make more proactive data-driven business decisions.