BestTransport: BestTransport TMS- Total Transportation Management Solution

Michael P. Dolan, President & CEO
BestTransport, headquartered in Ohio, US, is a provider of cloud-based transportation management solutions (TMS), enabling shippers, suppliers and carriers to efficiently plan, execute and settle freight activities utilizing best practices. The company’s offering enhances shipment visibility, optimizes carrier selection, delivers metrics to benchmark progress, and facilitates collaboration between shippers and carriers.

The company's solutions offer customers visibility into their logistics operations and the associated costs, which in turn generates opportunities for savings through cost reduction and cost avoidance. BestTransport provides customers with data to help them manage their overall transportation budget and offers tools to ensure on-time freight payment. Its tools can also help eliminate complex shipping and tracking tasks in logistics management internally, allowing companies to use their resources for business growth. BestTransport's service provides a solution for managing and tracking carrier insurance and safety compliance — a crucial aspect of logistic management. It also offers robust reporting tools ideal for key performance indicator (KPI), data mining and identifying areas for improvement.

BestTransport ensures near elimination of the manual processing of shipments by installing a fully cloud-based solution set which speeds and simplifies implementation—an approach contrary to most other companies. "With BestTransport, there is no software to install and no releases to manage; clients pay only for the value received. Because our company performs all system upgrades, clients always have access to the latest technology without the cost or involvement of an installed solution," says Mike Dolan, President and CEO at BestTransport.

The diverse clientele of BestTransport represents leaders in their respective domestic and international markets and is made up of over 400 successful implementations.

Enabling clients to have access to the latest transportation management technology without the cost or complexity of an installed solution

For customers such as Alcoa, Aleris, Gerdau, Glatfelter, Solo Cup, BestTransport provides a combination of deep functionality, ease of implementation, workflow for the carrier, significant cost savings and process improvements. For example, Olin Brass, a subsidiary of Global Brass and Copper Incorporation, needed to improve the overall management of its transportation process. The company implemented BestTransport's TMS and benefited from a greater on-time delivery performance for its customers, as well as improved efficiencies throughout the automated load tendering process.

BestTransport's product plans revolve around the continued expansion of transportation management software to provide greater functionality, reporting and optimization. The company is expanding multimodal support with the addition of its BestOcean module, designed to support ocean transport. Another soon-to-be-released component will support mobile technologies, and is designed to allow carriers to accept or reject, and communicate with, their shippers from anywhere. The company takes special pride in its international-ready products which further improve ease of use, improved localization and configuration. With today’s commerce model having an international footprint, many of their international customers utilize BestTransport's software to support their U.S. operations, knowing that the company can support the full organization with a single platform. "We see the global market, in all its permutations, as a key growth area and a space in which we are gaining considerable traction. Since we have long-standing expertise with the ins and outs of international shipping, this is a key leverage area for us, and a focus for our strategy going forward," says Dolan.


Worthington, OH

Michael P. Dolan, President & CEO

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