Acumatica: Next Generation Cloud ERP Software

Yury Larichev, CEO
Businesses need enterprise resource planning (ERP) in order to have a real-time view of their core processes—from back-end accounting to supply chain management. ERP software tracks business resources and enables small and medium-sized businesses (SMB) to overcome their challenges around growth and operating costs. For reasons ranging from lowering costs to improving collaboration, businesses are now contemplating the move to cloud-based ERP solutions.

With an aim to empower SMB customers and partners by helping them adapt to changing business needs and stay competitive, Acumatica, a company headquartered in Kirkland, WA, is providing a cloud ERP solution that addresses all the concerns about costs, integration, security, reliability, lack of customization and vendor lock-in. Acumatica’s product is built on an advanced technology that is coupled with flexible payment and deployment choices. It offers unlimited user pricing, which allows growing companies to add users without raising costs. Acumatica excels on the technology front: in addition to being delivered over the cloud, it gives clients an alternative data storage option while maintaining accessibility of customers’ data.

The company’s cloud-based product is built to address the shortcomings of first-generation SaaS ERP vendors. While most companies build ERPs on proprietary technology, Acumatica builds ERPs on the industry standard .NET platform, making it easy for its partners and customers to work with. "We are here to change the world of business. We know the challenges facing small and mid-sized businesses and we want to create the perfect business management solution for them. Our company offers the best in technology, licensing and deployment. We're truly the next-generation cloud ERP solution. Businesses that need to future-proof themselves need not look further than Acumatica," says Yury Larichev, CEO at Acumatica.

Committed to creating the best Cloud ERP solution and development platform for applications

The cloud-based ERP solution is provided to clients through partners whose expertise ensures that customers always get the best installation and deployment options. Acumatica serves millions of customers through partners like in the Nordic countries and MYOB in Australia and New Zealand. Acumatica’s customers are spread across different industries, which include distribution, retail, manufacturing, non-profits, professional services, marketing and high-tech. In the telecom industry, Open Mobile, based in Puerto Rico, was looking to replace its old financial system with something more nimble, affordable and intuitive. Its former product lacked compatibility with Microsoft Office and did not have enough features. Open Mobile eventually opted for Acumatica, which enabled the customization of Open Mobile's system and integrated it with existing programs, thereby empowering its employees to access data from anywhere, even when they are away from their computers.

Acumatica is moving toward mobile apps and integrations to facilitate people working on information. It plans to release a mobile platform, Office 365 integration, and an apps store; it plans to include payroll and BI functionalities into its ERP and CRM solutions. "Looking ahead, Acumatica is committed to creating the best cloud ERP solution and development platform for applications. Our 100 percent partner channel means that customers will always get the best advice from people who know their markets best," says Larichev.


Kirkland, WA

Yury Larichev, CEO

Empowering SMBs stay competitive with Cloud ERP sofware suite.

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