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SRS Supply Network Adopts GT Nexus Platform for Cost Efficiency

By CIOReview | Monday, June 2, 2014

OAKLAND, CA: GT Nexus, cloud based supply chain network has announced today that the Society for Research of Synergies (SRS) and its company members will place their network onto the GT Nexus platform to optimize global transportation costs representing 247.7 million per year.

SRS is a global synergy organization representing the interests of 20 European retailer groups. SRS company members control more than 300 brands in 22 countries, and operate across multiple industries including food, apparel, hard- and soft- goods. SRS includes members such as Groupe Auchan, Groupe ADEO, Pimkie, Orsay, Kiabi, Happychic, H.T.M., Mobivia, Ephigea and Tapis Saint Maclou.

“We operate SRS as a centralized organization designed to optimize processes and leverage synergies for transport activities among more than 30 affiliates,” says Olivier Richard, Transport Manager of SRS. “GT Nexus enables us to consolidate complex demands from numerous organizations and handle multi-brand transportation forecasts, while delivering and servicing various product categories. Our vision is multi-modal transport visibility across all brands and product lines that will allow us to optimize our transport spend while operating a smarter, more agile supply network.”

SRS will migrate from an outdated home grown transportation sourcing solution to an automated and integrated environment that provides visibility into a single set of transportation data. Collaborative processes using GT Nexus enable SRS and its trading partners to seamlessly submit orders, monitor carrier responses, view analytics and optimize spend. Contract rates, service levels, carrier awards and amendments are managed in a shared electronic network to deliver true visibility into essential transportation execution data.

“The ability for SRS to maintain a single dashboard to manage transportation sourcing for all of its brands and businesses, each with different needs and service level requirements, becomes a huge advantage,” says Sean Feeney, CEO of GT Nexus. “SRS will have a full global view of its supply chain and can leverage this to optimize transportation spend, lower processing costs and collect real time data for reliable analytics.”

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