Panoptes and Itransition Collaborates to Robust PD AssetTracker
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Panoptes and Itransition Collaborates to Robust PD AssetTracker

By CIOReview | Tuesday, September 15, 2015

FRISCO, TX: Panoptes Digital, provider of supply chain and logistics management solution, has teamed up with Itransition, provider of application and software product services, to work together on the evolution of PD AssetTracker.

Under this collaboration, Itransition utilizes results of beta testing, which is already done by Panoptes and advances PD AssetTracker by combining it with requests from new customers to create a stronger product which can serve better and handle the dynamic needs of the Panoptes Digital’s clients.

PD AssetTracker- Panoptes Digital’s major product line, flawlessly tracks corporate assets when they are deployed within the business, moving throughout the internal supply channels. It utilizes Panoptes’ tag technologies to offer the corporate manager with oversight into the status and current location of corporate assets. It provides a detailed report of the assets, including the date, time and collection during the most recent scan and also includes detailed comment provided by the supply manager.

 “Increased customer interest has allowed us to move forward with an outside software vendor that will help us to rapidly accelerate the pace of our development. To that end we have retained Itransition as a perfect partner to help us handle our current opportunities and to assist us with future growth. The newest version of PD AssetTracker will also assist us to further develop our separately branded anti-counterfeiting and immediate recall notice product lines which will also be handled by Itransition,” says Steve Worster, Panoptes Digital’s President and CEO.