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Prioritization Based On Business Context is the Key

Ricardo A.Bartra, SVP-CIO, DHL Global Forwarding & Freight, Americas
Ricardo A.Bartra, SVP-CIO, DHL Global Forwarding & Freight, Americas

Ricardo A.Bartra, SVP-CIO, DHL Global Forwarding & Freight, Americas

Technology challenges in meeting enterprise needs

Balancing business expectations between improving the bottom-line, new investments on innovation, and growth while maintaining an edge over the competitors is a challenge.This means enabling key IT capabilities, specifically on “capable and contextual business analytics” (Big Data), “Enhanced Customer Experiences” (with Mobility and On-Line) and “E-capabilities on the go”for the Go Market Strategies (enabled by Cloud flexibility).

We are in a networked-world; unprecedented mobile computing powers and social networks have made it easier to share and connect to any distant part of the globe. My 2014 wish list includes: Service everything, everywhere in and out of the enterprise; this however requires architectural disciplines to enable broader  interoperability in a complex system landscape.

Current challenges in the business

Keeping up with the technological advancements in the business and leveraging it is the key to remain relevant in the market. Fast ubiquitous networks, loud infrastructures and mammoth-sized unstructured data are great tools to stay ahead in the market but only if you know how to make the most of these  sophisticated tools. Successful organizations will adapt by embracing new IT capabilities, new skills, shifted product offerings and delivery. Thus, prioritization based on business context is the key. Technology trends that will influence business I do not believe it is just one trend anymore as it is clear the new technology ecosystem requires powerful networks to enable secured cloud flexible solutions that are then delivered on mobile platforms aimed at users at all levels of sophistication and willing to collaborate–it is the new base-line.

Having said that, in the context of productivity, visibility and exception management, these in combination with DHL Global Forwarding’s enterprise core system capabilities and global solutions expertise create user and customer experiences second to none, our customers need assurance of interoperability, visibility and integration. DHL Global Forwarding’s industry leading technology facilitates customer interaction to promote growth.

"I believe ‘the key’ is effective communication, telling the ‘whole story,’ the vision, the mission and the rationale for doing something"

The role of a CIO

The role of a CIO has changed as corporations have gained a better understanding that having the CIO at the table as a member of the executive management team is important to accelerate competitive advantage. Capable CIO’s engaged  on the current trends of IT innovation drive competitive advantage and adds
value to the business, not only on base-line optimization but top-line competitiveness through technology.

Secondly, the CIO has to be an executive that understands the business and its priorities and therefore what IT capabilities are needed in the business and more importantly how to optimize time-to-value and achieve the expected business differentiators and competitiveness.

My word for a CIO

Effective communication holds the key, putting across the vision,  the mission and the rationale behind an idea. Passion, persistence, imagination and injecting intellectual understanding that influences my team for better execution and favorable outcomes. I realized in the early days of my career that an effective leader must create opportunities for people and then encourage them to apply their talents to cease those opportunities; one has to be the catalyst to provide access to new challenges that allow people to express their strengths, curiosity, and talent and meet their own expectations. As a leader, trustbuilding is a must. Passing the buck should be avoided in the work place.

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