Axiom Worldwide Logistix: Streamlining Supply Chain with Data Intelligence

Taylor Tompkins, CCO & Partner
In today's data-driven world, while businesses are struggling to make sense of their data and unlock value within their supply-chain, the term ‘actionable insights’ crops up as a missing link. The ability to quickly surface actionable information from endless gigabytes of raw data collected across multiple systems, every day, is critical to having better business outcomes. Sitting at the apex of the data pyramid, actionable insights can also be a game changer in the realm of logistics for driving informed decisions that improve both operational performance and bottom line results. However, the ongoing fragmentation in the industry and disconnection with data poses a serious challenge to both small and large logistics companies. This is precisely what Axiom Worldwide Logistix intends to change.

Axiom Worldwide Logistix, a full service global freight forwarder and 3PL, aims to empower logistics managers and internal analysts with actionable information through its state-of-the-art consultative services. Governed by a mission to deliver client satisfaction through best in class solutions, Axiom has found the middle ground of delivering industry-leading technology offered by large organizations mixed with the customer centricity and enhanced customer experience of small and agile firms. The company was born out of a desire to thrive in a complex logistics ecosystem and create world-class technology solutions that provide quick and profound results in a very agile, nimble environment. “From open purchase order management, manufacturing lead-time tracking, and shipment event oversight— no individual entity in the supply-chain has more access to data than our company does. Engineered by highly skilled professionals, our solutions assist clients in aggregating all of these moving parts into a common platform for the purpose of providing powerful business intelligence,” says Taylor Tompkins, CCO, and Partner of Axiom Worldwide Logistix.

Working on the same principle as Blockchain to aggregate secured data into an environment that provides quick and instant access, Axiom specializes in back-office automation, allowing a judicious application technology to create and optimize processes and meet the dire need of clean, reliable and neutral information in the industry.
The company developed a unique, vast, and cloud-based data warehouse, which collects and stores commonized data from multiple sources such as foreign suppliers, origin booking teams, carriers, ports, terminals, US customs, and more. This data allows understanding the client's business operations and then devising personalized business models’ tailor-made for their specific needs. The database model enables clients to generate actionable business intelligence and harness a real powerhouse of key performance index (KPI) results in their business. Regardless of the amount of data generated, Axiom Data Intelligence Services accelerates spotting potential problems and identifying root causes of operational inefficiencies by drilling down the data generated within the clients’ operations. Axiom engages with clients through API or EDI integration and identifies new business opportunities for revenue generation, operational cost reductions, and optimizations.

What sets apart Axiom in the market is its holistic approach to the entire supply chain—from the initiation of orders to the delivery of goods—granting a robust master management system. “Axiom's control point management processes feature a centralized KPI and dynamic analytics dashboard platform, enabling clients to make quick and efficient decisions based on the actionable organizational overviews generated,” says Tompkins.

Leveraging decades of experience in the industry, Axiom's unique data warehouse and business intelligence platform have empowered hundreds of customers in streamlining their supply chains by showcasing a suite of dynamic tools aimed at optimizing the process of identifying gaps and exceptions through the supply-chain.

Moving ahead, Axiom aims to become a trailblazer in the application of functional AI and machine learning within the logistics industry. The company looks forward to delivering new and uniquely designed solutions to logistics consumers for many years to come.

Axiom Worldwide Logistix

Irving, TX

Taylor Tompkins, CCO & Partner

Provides world-class technology services and analytic platforms to logistic businesses for streamlining their supply chain and inventory management, thereby cutting down the transportation costs in freight forwarding

Axiom Worldwide Logistix