Keystone Dedicated Logistics (KDL): Simplify the Management of Logistics

Ian Tsai, Executive Vice President
The logistics industry today is replete with a plethora of technology solutions. Nevertheless, shippers are constantly struggling to control costs within their supply chain due to a multitude of challenges such as production scheduling, carrier capacity crunch, shipment visibility, and system integrations. With an objective of tackling these challenges in the industry and providing efficient transportation management, Keystone Dedicated Logistics (KDL) offers comprehensive solutions supported by proprietary technologies and the firm’s proven expertise. With such capabilities, KDL excels as a partner of choice for companies to deal with their comprehensive logistics needs.

KDL provides Transport Management Software that allows customers to optimize their logistics management process. “The software enables us to assist shippers of all sizes by tailoring to the customer’s specific needs from simple shipment quoting and execution to order planning and consolidation with the ultimate goal of reducing the shipper’s overall expenditure,” explains Ian Tsai, Executive Vice President, KDL. The firm’s solutions help identify areas of improvement such as market freight costs, lost opportunity, and shipment planning to ensure the customer is achieving the best cost. Another aspect that makes KDL stand out in the logistics arena is their system’s seamless ERP compatibility. Tsai advises that system integration has been the number one request from KDL’s existing and potential customer base. By integrating KDL’s software, the client is able to achieve all the benefits of KDL’s technology while continuing to operate within their ERP platform.

In addition, according to Tsai, inaccurate and/or lack of audit controls of freight expenditures across all modes of transportation can have an adverse impact on the organization’s budget.

We provide robust systems and programs to customers of all sizes designed to reduce their overall costs

Some shippers spend valuable time tracking and managing expenses only to find a small portion of potential cost reductions. KDL addresses these challenges by offering services to validate a portfolio of items including duplicate billings, inaccurate rate applications, inaccurate shipment classification, identification of shipments that are late, damaged, or lost, as well as numerous other items.

Leveraging the valuable partnership with KDL, companies not only get the benefits of their outstanding technology, but also get an experienced team to support multiple departments within a company. “We provide robust reporting that can be tailored to department’s needs. The reporting package can provide metrics and insights into the customer’s overall business whether they are looking for something as simple as GL expense summary to mapping of the client’s entire shipping history to determine market penetration,” says Tsai.

With over 18 years of experience in the industry, KDL offers a multitude of systems including an in-house developed software supported by API that seamlessly works with the carrier community. Striding ahead, KDL will eventually spin out their existing product lines into independent solutions, each governed by a new subsidiary company. The firm also continues to look to acquire companies in the logistics arena to expand the reach of their solutions and deliver greater services to the customers.

Keystone Dedicated Logistics

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Ian Tsai, Executive Vice President

Enable companies to better manage freight by simplifying the complexities and inefficiencies in shipping

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