TransportGistic: Fueling Business Growth through Powerful Logistics Strategy

Alan Miller, President
Logistics professionals today are taking measured steps, being aware of the fact that their functions, tactics, and strategies have a direct impact on their organization and trading partners. At the same time, meeting the growing customer expectations followed by on-time delivery has become a top priority for logistics managers. “To address these issues, the solutions need to be broad enough to manage the supply chain and deep enough to effectively control and solve areas of weakness,” says Alan Miller, President, TransportGistics. Founded in 2001, TransportGistics is in full bloom addressing the inefficiencies of transportation management, simplifying the operations, and making transportation information immediately visible to all the involved parties. “Our easy-to-use cloud solutions not only improve communications and increase productivity, but also avoid excessive logistics costs,” adds Miller.

Miller strongly believes that the answers to most challenges reside in a “simpler is better” approach. Thereby, he and his team have designed user friendly solutions that are aimed at improving operations, while controlling complex transportation management and logistics functions of the supply chain. The inherent flexibility of the company’s solutions provides organizations the ability to elevate their objectives according to their schedules without needing to invest in an entirely new system.

“Currently, companies face difficulty in choosing the right technology solutions,” points out Miller. In order to realize savings, either the Transportation Management System (TMS) must be adapted to the company’s processes or the processes should be harmonized to meet the TMS workflow.In such a scenario, TransportGistics’ approach and recommendation is for an Incremental TMS Acquisition that allows firms to deploy a series of solutions in a consecutive manner, while driving a shorter run up to ROI. Changing a plan is much easier than changing in-place systems and processes, thereby accelerating savings, decelerating expenditures, and reducing the impact on existing macro-operations with a greater degree of flexibility.

On the other side, shippers and consignees are in a day-to-day struggle to manage the costs of moving goods through the supply chain, since even a single shipment involves considerable inter-company and intra-company transactions and communications.

Our easy-to-use cloud solutions not only improve communications and increase productivity, but also avoid excessive logistics costs

“Thus procurement, execution, shipment management and payment, and information management form the logistical elements in the life cycle of every transaction,” states Miller. TransportGistics has the capability to address each of these essential elements with its solutions. The company’s TGIBid solution enables users to request and manage bids from authorized carriers and freight forwarders, while also handling historical pricing and current tariffs. Simultaneously, carrier selection can be optimized through TransportGistics’ TGIRater, which utilizes customers’ contracts and tariffs to provide the best price and service offering. “Further, improving the communication within an organization, TGI RoutingGuides make the production, maintenance and distribution, and compliance easier, and faster,” adds Miller.

During every transaction, firms require insightful information for the successful completion of an activity. TransportGistics’ TGI FreightTracing solution provides shipment visibility, both current and historic tracing and tracking information, in a central location to all authorized users. “As an end component of each process, TGI InsourceAudit allows users to manage and control carrier pricing and performance, administer freight invoices, payment, and business intelligence,” says Miller.

The company’s solutions can be deployed as a complete TMS suite or can be implemented individually to fulfill specific needs. TransportGistics’ customer centric solutions have a proven history of delivering immediate results and satisfying customers. “Our technology deployment methodology ensures that all our customers and their vendors are able to instantly realize the improvements without any negative impact,” concludes Miller.


Bohemia, NY

Alan Miller, President

Provides market leading, simple, incremental solutions for transportation management and logistics functions