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Kenneth Kloeppel, Director of Technology
Over the past few years, transportation management has evolved from a cost-driven implementation function to a strategic enabler, with the goal of maintaining a balance between cost and service. Today, transport management system has become a crucial part of an organization because of the aggressively competing consumer-focused landscape. The entire supply chain depends on transportation professionals to keep customer delivery promises, while also fulfilling financial goals and protecting profit margins. And, offering web-based solutions designed to aid trucking firms, third party logistics and brokers, with innovative solutions is Transport Pro. “Our customers depend on Transport Pro to provide solutions to streamline operations and improve productivity,” says Kenneth Kloeppel, Director of Technology, Transport Pro.

Transport Pro’s solution can be easily implemented across multiple locations providing a freight management and financial system that integrates with key fuel card vendors, imaging applications and Quickbooks. The key features of the cloud-based transport management software solution include load management, safety and settlements offerings. The company offers solutions for small businesses while a larger solution suite for bigger enterprises. The small business solution suite has modules for load management, safety, billing, settlements, fuel card management, imaging, operational reports, sales reports, and support. On the flip side, the enterprise version consists of all the small business modules, alongwith new components for sales customer relationship management (CRM), equipment maintenance and accounting.

The solution features include freight operations dashboard allowing users to input freight and view available loads. The freight operations dashboard also provides users a snapshot of available loads, planned loads, dispatched loads, and the number of active drivers in a particular area. From this screen, users can dispatch loads with just the click of a button. The system interfaces with MacroPoint and Qualcomm to gain accurate tracking capabilities, allowing users to communicate with drivers electronically. Users can finish the billing process electronically inside Transport Pro—once the required documentation is attached to the proper load, the system automatically sends proof of purchase to customers.

Our customers depend on Transport Pro to provide solutions to streamline operations and improve productivity

Every installation of Transport Pro includes a robust imaging platform that allows users to automate business processes, set up workflow queues, and improve communication between departments and external contacts. With this secure component, documents are stored outside of the web space and can only be accessed by a valid user. Scanned documents are typically received in the Transport Pro imaging system within five to ten minutes. Transport Pro’s system displays available loads from brokers and permit carriers to automatically post truck availability to the exchange. The software defines the origin and destination of a load as well as statistics like the age, weight, pickup, and delivery dates of the respective load.

Transport Pro also supports integration with major fuel card companies. The software’s fuel card amalgamation feature enables firm owners to determine purchase limits and ATM accessibility. The solution can download fuel card transactions from a fuel card vendor and automatically funnel the deductions to settlements. Furthermore, the fuel and mileage reports generated in Transport Pro can be used for IFTA purposes.

With the competition increasing and consumers becoming more demanding, the transportation function will only become a more vital part of the supply chain network in the days to come. Transport Pro is working towards gaining momentum in the future as they know the entire supply chain will look towards transportation management solution providers to deliver the last mile in customer service, while supporting the overall profitability of all supply chain participants. The company is continuously investing in R&D inorder to keep pace with technology advancements, and match them with new ways of working in the field of logistics.

Transport Pro

Nashville, TN

Kenneth Kloeppel, Director of Technology

The company provides software that is designed to aid broker carriers, owner operators and company drivers