Kuebix: Cloud-Based TMS for Every Business

Dan Clark, President & Founder
Data manually entered into spreadsheets. Countless hours calling carriers and checking websites. Total lack of supply chain visibility. “In the fifteen years that I worked for leading freight carriers, I saw how businesses, both large and small, struggled with these types of inefficiencies every day,” explains Kuebix Founder and President Dan Clark. “I started Kuebix to create a TMS built on the latest cloud technology that optimizes freight purchase and management for every company.”

The name Kuebix came out of Clark’s passion for solving puzzles (think Rubik’s Cube). Corporate supply chains are among the most complicated puzzles in the business world, with grocery supply chains perhaps being the trickiest. Clark has never backed away from a challenge and decided to start building his software as a service (SaaS) TMS for the grocery industry, knowing that a technology that could handle grocery could handle any supply chain. Today, Kuebix has delivered solutions to some of the biggest names in grocery including Ahold USA (Stop & Shop, Peapod, Giant) and Weis Markets along with other national and international enterprises.

Knowing that businesses of every size could benefit from a TMS, Kuebix began developing a TMS in 2013 to serve the needs of small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Kuebix TMS, which was officially announced in early 2016, offers direct LTL rating, booking and tracking in addition to truckload and parcel shipment management. Kuebix allows SMBs to receive all their direct LTL, TL and parcel rates on one interface, eliminating the need to log onto multiple carrier websites and place numerous phone calls. Kuebix also offers automated spot quotes, freight audit, freight pay, claims management, intermodal services, data upload tools, a wide range of reports and the Salesforce.com CRM. And because it is built on the latest cloud technology, companies can sign up and begin using Kuebix in under 10 minutes.

What makes Kuebix so powerful is its ability to integrate with any system

“Kuebix TMS is a complete mobile-compatible logistics solution,” states Clark. “There simply isn’t a better TMS available to SMBs on the market today.”

For enterprises or businesses with specific integration needs, Kuebix offers a wide variety of Integrations and Premier Apps that can be added to Kuebix TMS to configure solutions that meet the needs of the most complex supply chain. Kuebix leverages the Salesforce API to connect with everything from ERP systems to temperature sensors in trailers.

“What makes Kuebix so powerful is its ability to integrate with any system,” comments Clark. “By leveraging the latest in cloud computing, Kuebix connects with every integral piece of data and then shares that data in real-time to every stakeholder. The visibility and collaboration offered through Kuebix has resulted in dramatic behavioral changes and cost savings for our clients.”

The broad suite of Kuebix Premier Apps available to all businesses include order consolidation, route optimization, dock management (scheduling & yard), load boards, vendor allowance, vendor compliance, produce management, and brokerage/fleet management.

“Kuebix unites deep logistics industry knowledge with the leading cloud technologies for mobility, data sharing and social collaboration,” concludes Clark. “I’m confident that Kuebix is the right TMS for any business that ships freight.”


Maynard, MA

Dan Clark, President & Founder

Kuebix is changing how freight is purchased and managed with its cloud-based TMS that integrates with any system allowing for full visibility of data and collaboration among supply chain stakeholders