Decisiv: Improving Fleet Maintenance Downtime

Dick Hyatt, President & CEO
Well-maintained assets are essential for enhancing operational efficiency and improving bottom-line profitability, regardless of industry, and the trucking and transportation industry is no exception. In the commercial vehicle and transportation marketplace today, having a real-time service event management capability is a competitive advantage, as it helps firms to manage and measure their services to reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and improve uptime. “Our Service Relationship Management (SRM) platform enables enterprises to have complete control over the maintenance and repair of their commercial assets,” notes Dick Hyatt, President, and CEO of Decisiv.

By improving the complete maintenance of the fleet, overseeing service events and repair operations, and for managing assets, the Decisiv Service Relationship Management platform streamlines the entire fleet maintenance process. Working across various verticals in a variety of trucking and transportation markets and vocations, Decisiv enhances the asset maintenance management process, reduces downtime, eliminates estimate-to-invoice mismatches, and ensures higher compliance with preventive maintenance schedules.

The Decisiv cloud-based SRM software platform enables fleets to effectively manage and measure internal and external service and repair events to drive uptime and asset availability. “Our SRM platform manages and measures the complete range of interactions across an entire service supply chain to improve efficiency and optimize the financial return on assets,” says Hyatt.

Working with Decisiv, customers get the right people, location, processes, content, documentation, and communications at the point of service. The SRM platform has the ability to deliver real-time management, accountability, and complete visibility for service events across the service supply chain for any commercial asset. “From the minute the asset is identified as needing service until the moment it is picked up by the customer, our SRM platform delivers complete visibility into the service process, ensuring consistent quality and transparency,” Hyatt states.

Decisiv’s SRM platform unifies the entire service supply chain to effectively manage communications, documentation, people, service locations and processes for any service event.

Our Service Relationship Management (SRM) platform enables enterprises to have a complete control over the maintenance and repair of their commercial assets

“We provide users with the ability to access critical data at the point of service and gain control over the asset maintenance process to improve their decision-making capability, enhance the use of capital, improve resource efficiency, and lower operating costs,” says Hyatt.

Through Decisiv Case, the event and asset software provides workflow capabilities, establishes a consistent experience for service events, improves communication, and eliminates manual data entry. Regardless of asset type, Decisiv’s Case automates asset maintenance, giving customers complete access to information, people and communications during the maintenance and repair process.

To further help streamline service events and improve uptime, customers are in need of real-time information about the status of their vehicles. To address this issue, Decisiv Vision, a real-time decision support tool, helps keep track of vehicle status and manage preventive maintenance, breakdowns, and repairs. Vision enables users to proactively identify potential trouble spots and give them the attention they need to reduce ‘Days Out of Service’. “We can measure and manage events to help customers improve maintenance and repair operations, profitability, asset utilization, capital efficiency, and valuation,” articulates Hyatt.

While currently in place with 1,200 fleets with 500,000 assets and more than 3,000 service providers in the North American commercial vehicle marketplace, Hyatt envisions Decisiv expanding into construction, agriculture and power generation industries. “We’re working toward connecting all the diagnostic and monitoring tools, along with the different information that exists relative to commercial vehicles and equipment,” concludes Hyatt.


Glen Allen, VA

Dick Hyatt, President & CEO

Founded in 2001, Decisiv is the provider of Service Relationship Management (SRM) solutions for commercial assets for fleets to effectively manage and measure internal and external service and repair events