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Allan Miner, President
The macroeconomic impact of logistics in today’s global world is profound. Enterprises have concerns about their supply chain, and require detailed analysis of their overall logistics expenditure. In order to manage transportation expenses and maximize ROI, enterprises are on the lookout for comprehensive solutions to meet their changing demands. Tailored to meet their unique needs is CT Logistics, a provider of freight bill audit, payment, and transportation management consulting, furnishing shippers and carriers with freight spend auditing and transportation management consulting services. “We provide detailed visibility by producing customized business intelligence reports allowing enterprises to focus on reducing logistics costs while adding value,” extols Allan J. Miner, CT Logistics’ President.

The company’s core offering, CT FreitRater©, a freight rating, routing, and invoice-auditing software, handles complex scenarios and accessories for any domestic or international shipment. “CT FreitRater© functions as a rating engine and pricing/costing system and can run as a standalone application or can be integrated with existing systems,” explains Miner. The software helps shippers by providing audit of carrier invoices according to the tariff rates and contract pricing given by the carrier while providing carriers with shipment pricing for all loads. Further, the company’s freight management tool, CT Lion©, backed by CT FreitRater© calculates the optimal transportation route once the user enters the freight description and destination. CT Lion© deftly creates a number of execution plans after carefully analyzing all the potential carriers and pricing within seconds. “CT Lion© delivers the shipping plans that can be sorted by cost, total shipping time or other parameters,” adds Miner.

For instance, one of CT Logistics’ clients wanted to strategically analyze the best location to start a new distribution center (DC). They required a review of all the client deliveries from their current DC network. CT enabled the client to analyze total cost of delivery for each customer while optimizing shipping quantities and locations for the DC network. “Using CT Logistics’ FreitRater© and CT Lion© software, CT was able to graphically view the client’s routing structure for both their inbound supply chain and outbound deliveries,” explains Miner.

We provide detailed visibility by producing customized business intelligence reports allowing enterprises to focus on reducing logistics costs while adding value

The solutions gave complete insights of DC sites bringing forth benchmark locations and simplifying the process of streamlining their entire supply chain and customer delivery service model.

Additionally, the firm’s CT TranSaver© Program is designed with an aim to enable shippers to benefit from premium discounts and pricing bundled and leveraged as a co-op through TranSaver© participating carriers. “TranSaver© c arriers o ffer c ompanies substantial competitive discounts off the same base rates offering an average of 25 percent savings from current pricing,” says Miner. Also, a number of TranSaver© carriers waive certain accessorial charges, and eliminate costs, producing a quick ROI after a few shipments. Further, CT Logistics empowers clients with freight quotes, location, sites, and business opportunities from any web-enabled device through its FreitWeb© LCR (Least Cost Routing) application and tools. “Our focus is on client satisfaction and we try to achieve it by designing, developing, and delivering flexible and user friendly products and services customizable to each client’s requirements,” elucidates Miner.

The company’s in-house IT department and staff add credence to CT Logistics’ deep-rooted proficiency in the logistics arena. Forging ahead, CT Logistics will continue to provide supply chain applications upstream and downstream to gain end to end visibility and offer complete TMS functionality. “CT wants to be a true partner that brings value-added, cost saving supply chain products and services to our clients.”

CT Logistics

Cleveland, OH

Allan Miner, President

Provider of customized freight management solutions to industrial shippers and carriers

CT Logistics