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May Chew, Head of Technology Services
Logistics is a key facilitator of trade and commerce, as it manages inventory from production to delivery. However, most companies are critically challenged to deliver orders on time, due to the lack of collaboration between supply chain partners and the absence of transparency in supply chain activities. To overcome these issues, vendors and manufacturing organizations require a total logistics solution—enabling efficient product delivery through proper planning and collaboration within their global supply chain network. Offering such a solution is APL Logistics, a globally integrated supply chain services provider, operating in more than 110 locations in 60 countries and managing 200 logistics facilities covering over 20 million square feet. “As a logistics service provider, we offer best-of-breed IT solutions, both in-house proprietary, as well as cloud-based, to support our customers’ supply chain operations with a management suite for warehousing, transportation, freight and visual technology,” says May Chew, Head of Technology Services at APL Logistics.

APL Logistics offers a series of customized technology solutions and applications that help customers analyze and optimize their supply chains to deliver maximum supply chain efficiency, visibility, and control. With its Transport Management Services (TMS), the company manages the transportation of goods across all modes of transport under a single platform, while providing reduced transportation costs and improved forecasts. In a recent Q3 2015 initiative, leveraging Oracle Transportation Management, the company launched ShipMaxTM Alliance, an easy-to-use collaborative shipping solution, designed to save time and money by optimizing and managing high-frequency truck deliveries across increasingly complex supply chains. By pairing compatible truck partners, ShipMax allows shippers to co-mingle loads going to common destinations.

For complete visibility into a customer’s supply chain, APL Logistics offers a service called SeeChange®. SeeChange is a fully hosted, web-based portal, which opens up a panoramic view into the supply chain from purchase orders (POs) to shipment delivery.In addition, APL Logistics’ ShipmentOptimizerTM is part of their Freight Management Service that allows shippers to maximize their load utilization, configure best routes, and lead times for better managing supply chain performance and mitigating risks.

APL Logistics’ IT systems deliver increased efficiency, reliability and responsiveness through the automation of supply chain activities, end-to-end visibility, and a wealth of business intelligence

“Our technology suite integrates with customers’ ERP systems, creating a competitive advantage in efficiency, cycle time, and order fulfillment,” asserts Chew. Customers, who need to go deeper into their supply chain, can utilize the company’s Visual Intelligence tools, translating their business objectives into quantitative indicators for a clear strategic vision and better decision making. One success story involves, a major footwear industry player who experienced a drop in revenue, due to the lack of collaboration with supply chain partners and low inventory visibility. APL Logistics implemented their Visual Intelligence dashboard to address these issues. The dynamic dashboard allowed the customer to track discrepancies and root causes, while providing real-time inventory levels, thereby strengthening KPIs and improving sales efficiency.

APL Logistics also invests in innovative customer forums to better engage their customers, ensuring continuous improvement to their suite of solutions. “We understand that the creation of solutions requires collaboration between customers and service providers,” adds Chew.

“Through the Q2 2015 a cquisition by Kintetsu World Express group (KWE), a global logistics services provider with well-established air and ocean freight forwarding capabilities in Asia, we aspire to grow our revenue through our continued investment in operations, technology and strategically focusing on customer requirements,” states Chew. APL Logistics is also extending its operations in developing countries by strengthening its strategic alliance with KWE and enhancing its product suite.

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May Chew, Head of Technology Services

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