Transplace: Redefining Logistics through Advanced Management System

George Abernathy President & Chief Commercial Officer
Technology challenges in any business are a cause of worry to the modern CIO, and the transportation and logistics sector presents no exception. With supply chain optimization technologies becoming an integral part of a company’s operations, CIO’s now face numerous disputes in dealing with transportation management systems (TMS). Headquartered in Dallas, TX, Transplace offers shippers, manufacturers, and retailers the optimal blend of logistics technology and transportation management services in order to meet their operational and financial goals by establishing a more efficient, cost-effective supply chain. “We are committed to making North American logistics more effective across all transportation modes by providing advanced technology solutions that deliver a world-class user experience, given the amount of ‘heavy lifting’, and analysis that is being performed,” says George Abernathy, President and Chief Commercial Officer, Transplace.

Transplace extends its service offerings to supply chain management by delivering its proprietary TMS through a software-as-service (SaaS) solution. This allows shippers to improve processes and attain cost savings without heavy capital investment in internal systems or software licenses and installation. “Whether it’s tracking or consolidating shipments, optimizing carrier and route selection, or evaluating carrier performance, Transplace’s TMS can be configured to fit each customer’s unique business,” adds Abernathy. The company’s Freight Allocation Module (FAM) lets shippers and carriers connect in a real-time online marketplace. This automated, web-based application optimizes the process by allowing shippers to auction freight with approved carrier partners in the lowest cost per load and per lane.

Subsequently, the company also offers a comprehensive range of solutions that to drive value to its customers, including transportation management, freight brokerage, international logistics and intermodal services. As a full North American logistics provider, Transplace focuses on optimizing transportation management across the United States’ northern and southern borders. “Mexico and Canada are integral parts of many shippers’ supply chain operations. We assist our customers to make cross-border distribution smooth, fast, predictable and secure through both our bilingual TMS and support from a team of experienced in-country practitioners who know the cross-border landscape and compliance requirements,” says Abernathy.
Transplace also helps organizations understand the benefits presented by intermodal services and identify opportunities for shipments to be converted from truck to intermodal, particularly in markets east of the Mississippi, where infrastructure investment provides this opportunity.

Transplace employees represent key disciplines including industrial engineering, analytics and business transformation that design and implement high ROI programs ranging from initial gap assessments to business intelligence tools. Transplace also works with customers to develop innovative solutions that produce a significant ROI, such as the TransMATCH co-shipping service. TransMATCH offers the opportunity to consolidate freight through collaboration with multiple shipper companies and reduces shipping costs, environmental impact and the need for transportation capacity. The company has also developed deeper, more collaborative partnerships with its customers through its Strategic Account Management program, quarterly business reviews and a customer advisory board to solicit insightful feedback for continuously improving their processes, tools and services.

Whether it’s tracking or consolidating shipments, optimizing carrier and route selection, or evaluating carrier performance, Transplace’s TMS can be configured to fit each customer’s unique business

“As shippers face challenges throughout the entire North American supply chain, Transplace continues to invest significantly in our people, processes and technology in order to meet our customers’ ever-growing needs,” says Abernathy. In addition to continued investment in its existing solutions and services, Transplace expects for geographic expansion through NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) with the intention to reach companies who wants to expand operations across borders.“Through our organic growth and strategic acquisitions, we plan to continue to look for expansion opportunities that will help us develop and build a competitive advantage for the company and its customers,” added Abernathy.


Dallas, TX

George Abernathy President & Chief Commercial Officer and Tom Sanderson, CEO

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