Pacejet: Make Shipping Easier With the Cloud

Ron Lee, CTO
As per Ron Lee, the CTO of ‘Pacejet’, the name seemed a natural choice. Staying true to its name, Pacejet has been energizing the logistics landscape which is bogged down by supply constraints. Although, fundamental economic changes are causing a surge in demand for shipping service capacity and variety, “companies are struggling to leverage an appropriate mix of shipping services to meet the changing needs of their customers while maintaining growth and profitability,” Ron Lee informs.

Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, Pacejet helps businesses deal with logistics challenges by making shipping services as easy to find, buy, and use as any other online purchase.“Pacejet offers a unique combination of multi-carrier support, a real-time carrier network, and native ERP integration in a complete cloud-based platform for business shippers”, Ron Lee says.

The company’s cloud based solution eliminates the use of hardware and software, thereby reducing the total cost of ownership over time. The unique native ERP integration of the product means users have access to more use-cases such as freight quoting or consolidation, no multiple data entries, and faster shipping with fewer errors. Visibility features such as quoting and rate shopping help shippers see and compare pricing and services to make the best choices in real-time. Six months into 2015 and Pacejet is already on track to help businesses process more than $240Million in shipping service transactions for more than six million shipments in 2015.

Major parcel carriers such as UPS, FedEx, USPS, and regional parcel carriers and even 94 percent of the $33Billion in LTL services in the U.S are available throughPacejet’s Carrier Network solution for direct, online access. This eases the process of transacting with multiple carriers through real-time connections to quote and process shipments. Each carrier connection is created, managed, and upgraded over time and uses shippers own accounts and negotiated rates to operate.

Pacejet offers a unique combination of multi-carrier support, a real-time carrier network, and native ERP integration in a complete cloud-based platform for business shippers

Further benefitting from Pacejet’s solutions is Rhomar Industries, a provider of environmentally responsible products. Rhomar is generating more revenue by reducing overall shipping costs. The company was following the time consuming manual system of finding the best freight cost. Pacejet’s ERP system integration with NetSuite enabled Rhomar to connect to a carrier network to compare carriers, costs and delivery times without re-entering any data. This has helped the company to lower the overall cost while eliminating errors.

Another beneficiary of Pacejet’s solutions has been Thos. Baker, a retailer of outdoor living products. Thos. Baker has witnessed a reduction in costs. By choosing Pacejet, the company can easily view the services and costs from multiple carriers to help make appropriate choices. The company has also seen a quick return on investment.

While lesser capable competitors are providing old software applications built before the cloud, Pacejet has been leveraging its customers with its cloud based platform. But the company is not resting on its laurels. “We think the next evolution of cloud-based solutions will move upstream to “business networks” where individual organizations connect with each other via their cloud-based systems to leverage their collective strengths” Lee says. And that’s where further opportunities will be present for the company to connect to shippers with newer services and information.


Columbus, Ohio

Ron Lee, CTO

Pacejet offers a unique combination of multi-carrier shipping, a real-time carrier network and native ERP integration in a complete, cloud-based platform for business shippers.