GTG Technology Group: Gaining End-to-end Visibility in Transportation Processes

Chris Zimmerman Executive Vice President & COO
Today, the logistics industry is taking rapid strides toward the amenities of smart devices in an effort to enhance communication between customers, vendors, dispatchers and transportation service providers. This upsurge in the demands of smart solutions is due to the need for end-to-end visibility in the transportation processes. “Being a logistics solutions provider, we deliver a holistic solution which enables the customers to quickly access information via the internet from any device at any time,” begins Chris Zimmerman, EVP & COO, GTG Technology Group.

Headquartered in Houston, TX, GTG Technology Group is a prolific cloud-based company, which promises resiliency in the management of global transportation systems. The company possesses the capability to reflect an end-to-end visibility in its transportation management system offerings, which include Brokerage, Drayage and Intermodal Management Systems.

“The combined experience of our workforce in the transportation landscape empowers us to know the residing challenges that many companies are struggling with,” says Zimmerman. GTG Technology’s transportation management software cover a large arc from world-wide intermodal operations to strictly local drayage.

The expertise of the company enables Intermodal Marketing Companies (IMC’s) to manage their entire process of moving shipments via the rail through the Intermodal Management System (IMS). “IMS is a unique solution in itself,” adds Zimmerman.

IMS ensures end-to-end visibility to the shippers through Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) connectivity with the rail, drayman, and trucks that utilize GPS. GTG Technology is also equipped with a Brokerage Management System (BMS), which allow 3PL’s and Brokers to streamline their processes of transporting valuable products and goods. “Through BMS, we provide carrier management, tracking and tracing components, and the ability to negotiate contracts and pricing,” says Zimmerman.
Alongside, delivering the most befitting solutions for IMC’s and 3PL’s, the company further offers a Drayage Management System (DMS). “Our DMS is built for the drayage firms who are responsible for the movement of containerized freight between customers, railroads and ports,” says Zimmerman.

“This solution is typically for the draymen that move goods within local and regional zones using their own or owner operated trucks.” The vehicles used in this transition have a smart device solution called TabNet. It facilitates the communication between the driver, dispatcher, and accounting while allowing the dispatcher to know the exact location of the truck. TabNet also allows the dispatcher to track the stem times associated with a particular truck. “We allow draymen to start small and grow in the industry in a much more seamless and cost-effective way,” adds Zimmerman

GTG Technology has assisted many drayage organizations in becoming more efficient and productive through automation. The elimination of tracking, scanning, and traditional communications allow clients to gain complete visibility of all shipments. The ability to manage all required documents, shipment information, and driver settlements streamlines a once challenging operation. This improved operational efficiency also resulted in increased customer satisfaction.

GTG Technology Group is a technology company that was born from transportation

GTG Technology Group is making great strides in the Transportation Management System segment and through outbound efforts, they have succeeded in assisting clients of all sizes to increase business and efficiencies by utilizing their solutions.

GTG Technology

Houston, TX

Chris Zimmerman Executive Vice President & COO

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