CarrierStore: A Cloud-Based Solution That Simplifies Logistics Management

Dan Clark, Founder& President
Logistics is a critical element of every supply chain. If a link in the chain breaks, bottom lines are impacted. Companies are demanding visibility, mobility, and collaboration in their logistics solutions, and they don’t want to wait years or even months for custom solutions to be built. To meet these needs, logistics providers are vigorously moving towards transportation management solutions (TMS) built on cloud platforms.

At the forefront of this trend is CarrierStore, a cloud-based software and logistics consulting company. Freight industry veteran Dan Clark founded CarrierStore in 2007 with a vision of creating a better TMS, one that revitalized the direct shipper/carrier relationship by leveraging web service and EDI technologies. “We built CarrierStoreTMS on’s cloud platform to deliver a transportation management solution that allows shippers to access all of their negotiated LTL, TL, and Parcel rates from a single, mobile platform,” stated Dan Clark, Founder and President of CarrierStore.

CarrierStore enables shippers and carriers to achieve greater efficiencies, visibility, and cost savings throughout their entire supply chain. For shippers, this means no more checking multiple carrier web sites for rates and the end of uploading new tariffs. Furthermore, POD and BOL’s are automated, scheduling can be done electronically, and freight audit & pay can be achieved with the click of the mouse. For shippers who currently rely on the services of third party logistics companies, CarrierStoreTMS and its managed service offerings provide tools and options to be used internally for transparent carrier direct supply chain solutions. Additionally, this emphasis on fostering direct carrier-shipper relationships lessens the carriers’ dependency on third party logistics companies as a sales channel.

CarrierStore’s enterprise solution, Kuebix Enterprise, is currently being used by major corporations including Ahold USA (parent company of Giant and Stop & Shop), Weis Markets, and Yankee Candle. Kuebix Enterprise recognizes that every business has different processes for freight movement, and distinct modes of sharing information and reporting. To meet the needs of today’s complicated supply chains, Kuebix Enterprise offers logistics solutions that can be seamlessly integrated into an organization’s existing systems.

Kuebix Enterprise is delivered in three steps.
First, businesses configure CarrierStoreTMS by choosing from an array of engines ranging from optimization to cost & revenue allocation. Next, they choose a program based on whether they want to fully outsource transportation management, manage all transportation in-house, or a combination of both. Finally, the CarrierStore team simplifies complex EDI, SOAP or Rest Integrations with a standard or custom interface.

If this sounds like a time consuming and complicated process, it isn’t. “What makes Kuebix Enterprise different is that we offer a SaaS solution that delivers a configurable and mobile TMS without the long, costly implementation traditionally associated with enterprise logistics products,” noted Clark.

What makes Kuebix Enterprise different is that we offer a SaaS solution that delivers a configurable and mobile TMS without the long, costly implementation traditionally associated with enterprise logistics products

And CarrierStore has not forgotten about small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs). The company is piloting a new monthly subscription product, simply called Kuebix, specifically designed for the logistics needs of SMB shippers. Like its older sibling, Kuebix is a cloud-based TMS that offers shipment management, integrated TMS & CRM, analytics, freight audit & pay, and even specialized services like EDI integrations and intermodal. “What’s going to blow customers away with Kuebix is that in literally ten minutes they can begin viewing all their negotiated carrier rates from one interface, create a shipment, and then book it,” explained Clark. “In another ten minutes customers can migrate their legacy data with our easy-to-use upload tools and begin harnessing world-class dashboards and reports.”

Kuebix also promotes social collaboration among the Kuebix community with’s CRM and Social Media tools like ‘Chatter’ and ‘Solutions’. “There is simply nothing else like Kuebix on the market today,” Clark concluded. Kuebix is scheduled for a national launch in the fall of 2015.


Maynard, MA

Dan Clark, Founder& President

A cloud-based software and logistics consulting company dedicated to revitalizing the direct relationship between shippers and carriers through its Kuebix products.