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Matthew Telesca, President & CEO Roads are blocked, traffic is clogged, and the routes for vehicles have detoured due to strong winds and heavy slanting rains. As the Logistics Manager of the company is getting mystified on what to do, company executives have already made-up their mind to search for a more reliable and responsive tech advanced partner to carry out their supply chain and freight management. This scenario plays out in organizations across the globe, and a lack of the latest technologies only makes them more inefficient and obsolete. This could be eye-opening news for many, but for MGN Logistics, it was a mission built on their day of inception. With its unmatched skills to develop streamlined solutions for freight management, Easton, PA headquartered MGN Logistics is revolutionizing the entire process of transportation management. Their unparalleled freight solutions cover the service spectrum of advanced planning, coordination and optimization to carrier selection, consolidation, dispatching, and execution.

Starting from the Root and Reaching to the Top

The current dictionary of embedded ERP systems for supply chain management lack the words of creativity and intuitiveness, which became a motivating factor for MGN Logistics to change the architecture of freight and supply chain management. “Many organizations are reluctant to replace their legacy systems in order to avoid the time, money and resource consumption, which the process demands,” delineates Matthew Telesca, President and CEO at MGN Logistics. He further adds, “These organizations often lack the in-house expertise and find the unavailability of user-friendly solutions a major hurdle which prevents them from investing in resources that may lead to poor delivery management anyway.” Being vigilant of these challenges, MGN fathomed that businesses need solutions that provide results, are easy to implement, and have intuitive amenities that transcend over others. As a result, the company introduced solutions that empower customers to take complete control over their end-to-end supply chain planning and execution processes. The arsenal of MGN technology solutions, called LogisticsQuote, simplifies the shipping process for clients.

“With this application we have the ability to not only select best means and mode of the transportation for the customers in real-time, but to implement the strategy that executes the actual transaction,” says Telesca. All the information related to shipments is exchanged with customers electronically.

Apart from allowing customers to manage the front end decision making process of real-time shipments the company also leverages LogisticsQuote for tracking, tracing, and invoice auditing of freight bills. The auditing module ensures automated carrier pricing, reconciles finalized invoice amount, and authenticates the proof of delivery and supporting documentation.

The product portfolio of MGN can bolt-on existing WMS or ERP systems or serve as a standalone application and flows alongside with the present trends and needs of the corporate ecosystem. The importance of keeping toe-to-toe with the variations in time is well-reflected in the famous quote of Charles Darwin—“It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive, but those who can best manage change.” Agreeing with this reality, MGN has followed suit and positioned itself at the forefront of new technologies and trends that are laying the seeds for the future of logistics.
Today, the hottest segment in the logistics arena is the interpretation and Visualization of Data. With its growing demand, MGN has developed admirable expertise in the practice of sweeping through tons of big data and identifying segments that can be used for implementing strategies. “Why we need data visualization is equivalent to asking why we prefer watching movies over reading books.” Telesca goes on to say, “From a granular perspective, most individuals choose watching a movie because they enjoy the visual presentation of a writer’s book.” The current expectation of organizations from the logistics landscape portrays a similar picture. Executives want those tools on the table that can offer them a clear and visual presentation of their freight data. Skimming through excel spreadsheets, Bills of Ladings and invoices for raw information has become an obsolete exercise that needs to be replaced. In this light, MGN has developed a suite of dynamic and intuitive charting capabilities, such as dashboards, KPIs, real-time tracking, and shipment metrics providing the necessary drill-down detail required for deeper investigation.

Bringing All the Pieces of the Puzzle

If an organization is in the constant routine controlling freight costs, simultaneously enhancing the overall process can enable them to increase their profit margin with eminent numbers. That being said, managing the entire supply chain is not easy.

The main differentiator of our product is our unique ability to provide meaningful business intelligence to our customers in an extremely intuitive way. We have focused on providing a robust, yet user-friendly and cost effective tool

MGN’s suite for freight management was developed to remove the existing roadblocks in the end-to-end delivery cycle and offer a commendable transportation platform that organizations crave for. The cloud-based service of the company holds the proficiency to showcase real-time decision making tools, shipment details, bill of landings, detailed invoicing, proof of delivery, and audit reconciliation and discrepancy resolution. This information is fed to the customers’ ERP system where the order is dispatched electronically. “We monitor the process literary from inception, from order creation and pickup to transit, all the way to the delivery and invoicing,” says Telesca. “Our technology is designed to allow real-time decisions on current shipments, not based on historical trends but current market disruptions. It can adapt to changes in the market that need to be addressed immediately.”

The way MGN has developed its freight management suite has enabled the tool to shine bright and distinguish it in a competitive ecosystem. “The main differentiator between our product and that of our competitors’ is our unique ability to provide meaningful business intelligence to our customers in an extremely intuitive way. We have focused on providing a robust, yet user-friendly and cost effective tool,” says Telesca. Implementation can be fast and is done by taking historical data and feeding it into the suite. This provides a clear perspective for clients to see what changes they need to make to move forward.
The visual aspect of the suite has commendable expertise of BI, which empowers it to access millions of data points to produce meaningful intelligence. “It condenses the numerous amounts of data-sets into real-time KPIs, charts, and analytics that are comprehensible and can be used for putting plans in motion,” says Telesca. The traditional way of bygone tools was to analyze the information added to spreadsheets from various sources, which were slow and inefficient in their process. By contrast, MGN’s suite allows customers to find freight trends or anomalies in the current market scenarios and to adjust in real time.

In a case study, one of MGN’s long term customers, a giant in the commercial and residential boiler industry, was facing grave challenges keeping their freight expenditure at nominal rate. The customer unwillingly was harboring numerous underlying issues that required immediate assistance of an expert.

Within a few shorts weeks of platform implementation, the customer gained immediate visibility into their total freight expenditure, shipping patterns and shipment characteristics that laid the foundation for change. The visualization and reporting tools of the suite empowered the customer to make the necessary adjustments to mitigate their freight costs. Over the next three months, MGN was able to implement more modules through their suite that further blended the hue of efficiency in the supply chain. The customer was now assessing and controlling each step that comes in the operation, and thus transformed their shipping department from a cost on the expense line to a meaningful part of their profit center. “Today, after many years, we are still managing their entire supply chain, inbound, outbound, domestic, and international freight operations,” exclaims Telesca.

Feet in the Present, Eyes on the Future

Since the first day of MGN in the business world; the company was determined to leave a scintillating impact on its customers. For doing so, MGN invested heavily to tailor a superlative stack of solutions and services in the logistics domain. The company has also quietly made several acquisitions to enhance the technology profile of it’s solutions. “Internally we are not only looking to improve our existing technology but to be disruptive in our space,” adds Telesca. MGN has also made long and short term investments to build customer specific tools that aim to streamline the challenges from different industry’s perspectives that can be utilized in the broader market as well.

The company is launching a predictive truckload pricing software application that combines big data access to real-time carrier pricing, geographic location and population data, freight density information, weather alerts, equipment capacity, as well as literally dozens of other proprietary metrics and algorithms to produce the most comprehensive pricing module available in the market. This product will have the ability to play a major role in decision making for supply chain management during disruptive events, including weather disasters such as heavy snow or roadblocks as in a hurricane. The predictive nature of the tool will allow the company to give the best pricing options available for market conditions, the likes of which is not manifested by other firms in the industry. With more innovations to roll out and technologies to adopt, not only does the future of MGN Logistics look brighter, but that of all their vendors’ and sellers’ too, who will be a part of this journey.

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