Streamline Technologies: Providing increased Customer Value through Streamlined Processes

CIO VendorAndre Larouche, CIO
Controlling variable operating expenses like fuel, maintenance and labor costand addressing critical business issues such as delay times, equipment utilization, speed management and hours of service have become a critical f actors f or c ompanies in the logistics industry in order to gain valuable competitive edges. To help solve these challenges, Streamline Technologies, a transportation management company, provides innovative mobile technology solutions to increase profitability, safety, customer service, and asset utilization. “From the logistics industry perspective, we use a lot of information available through technology and we convert it into meaningful insights for better decision making,” asserts Mitchell Zulinick, President, Streamline Technologies.

The company has a vibrant team that has deep expertise in developing mobile platform technology which facilitates effective use of information. These processes are performed using information from GPS, tractor ECMs, driver input and time based tools. Information collected goes into back office systems for increased visibility and transparency with our customers. Streamline’s fleet management solution, NaviStream is a cost-effective mobile solution that is scalable, customizable, and affordable.

“NaviStream is easy-touse like a cell phone and requires no internal IT infrastructure,” says André Larouche, CIO Streamline Technologies.

Streamline’s Standard Consultancy offering involves supporting customer migration from historical systems to Streamline’s business process models. Streamline’s team assists companies and advisory professionals looking for solutions to real-world logistic issues. What Mr. Larouche would call: ‘‘The Internet of moving Things’’. Customers include organizations that need logistic support to move commodities from A to B looking for more effective ways to handle products and minimize costs. Streamline analyzes the customer’s business, based on their operating and technological needs and identifies solutions that are uniquely suited to their business models. The company’s solutions can help in the optimization of vehicle dispatch and integration with customers including materials handling and distribution processes and issues.
Providing professional services to companies to help integrate mobile technologies with broader corporate infrastructure, the company enhances customer service by sharing information with customers on cycle times, delivery performance, and business costs to help build high quality, trusting customer relationships. “We test every solution against real life use cases before we share them and ensure that it is valuable product in order to guarantee customer satisfaction and ROI,” explains Zulinick.

From the logistics industry perspective, we use a lot of information available from technology and we convert it into meaningful insights for better decision making

Streamline’s Asset Utilization capability helps in minimizing expenditure on capital costs through asset tracking, route management, better maintenance, and optimized dispatching, enabling companies to get the most out of their logistic challenges. For instance, we helped a company who wanted to improve their cycle time that involved collecting the logs from their forest harvesting region and bringing it back to the pulp mill. Experiencing high cycle time and making decisions on perceptions, the client wanted better metrics to identify the underlying problems in the cycle. In order to improve their supply chain procedures, Streamline implemented a solution that optimized the transportation and cycle costs. As a result, the client saved huge amounts in operational expenses including substantially reducing trucks needed to provide service for the same amount of cubic feet of wood. They have improved the cycle time within the Mill yard itself by using geo-fencing.

Moving ahead, the company is focused on building the best possible products with the help of leading edge technology (Cloud Computing, Mobility, Internet and constantly improved hardware). “With speed, simplicity, usability, and cost effectiveness, we make our solutions scalable and nimble for our customers. By constantly collaborating with partners in the logistics industry, we strive to achieve success and ensure customer satisfaction,” Zulinick concludes.

Streamline Technologies

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Andre Larouche, CIO and Mitch Zulinick President, Dan De Palma, Director of Sales and Marketing

Providing professional services to companies to help integrate new technologies with the broader corporate infrastructure