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CIO VendorPrateek Parakh, CEO
Prateek Parakh, the CEO of Solutions4Business is an innovator and influencer with proven track record of delivering measurable success. “A young and restless team with relentless focus on innovation, operational excellence and commitment to our customers.” remarks Parakh. Perhaps, this attitude is what helps him make his company skillfully tackle the nuances in the logistics industry,which involves a lot more than just tackling the granular elements of freight management. Overloaded with the expectations of the end-users, the industry has groomed itself into a massive technological giant rehearsing almost every practice to meet the rising anticipations.

Parakh aggregates the algorithms concealed in the hectic progression of logistics industry into imposed regulations, fluctuating fuel cost, customer demand for frequent and faster delivery of products. “Regulations such as carbon footprint, emission laws and many others have impacted the bottom line of the logistic industry—both directly and indirectly. Alongside, the shift in fuel cost, driver shortage importunes the whole industry to a large extent,” he emphasizes.

Headquartered at Saddle Brook, NJ and team spread across country, Solutions4Business helps clients deal with these situations through constructing a sound business model. The company provides assistance in building business strategy that compliments technology and generates ROI for the clients. Started in 2004- the era of different technology landscape- the management consulting firm has now moved to cloud based collaborative technology for the betterment of its clients. “We have moved to non-structured solutions where the collaboration is the key,and the visibility of data and analytics is paramount” he says.

The company stands on two of its eminent pillars- the consulting strategy and the technology consultancy. “Apart from these, we are heading towards education, learning management system and we have professors from many universities that collaborate with us for the strategic projects,” he says.Outlining the supply chain strategy, the company comes up with innovative solutions to amplify the pulse of supply chain with reduced cost and balanced risk exposures.
The solutions are modified on the answers produced by the clients to questions that are asked before the company starts aiding their complexity. In terms of technology assistance, Solutions4Business builds up a glass-door for the client to frame the profitable business strategy. “We use technology as a tool to work on the business strategy. Based on our clients’ complexities and the decision making process, we can custom our solutions to match the requirement,” extols Parakh.

Based on our clients’ complexities and the decision making process, we can custom our solutions to match the requirement

Stamping Solutions4Business’ efficacy is a recent success story of one of the world’s largest consumer goods company. The client made a strategic shift towards utilizing external resources in order to streamline the operations. The start-up phase of the supplier was smooth but challenging. With the course of time, certain constraints started impacting the key business measures and thus, the customer service. The client opted Solutions4Business’s assistance to figure out the path towards process excellence. The firm deployed its proprietary Third Party Manufacturing Assessment Model to scale the operational efficiency of the client’s and supplier’s business. In a short period of time, Solutions4Business identified the opportunities and outlined the structured plan for long term process improvement.

For a decade long, Solutions4Business has assisted their clients around the globe realize their vision by assisting them in crafting a robust strategy supported by technology and process framework. In coming years, the company envisages to collaborate with other technology innovators and expand successfully all over the U.S. “We are working on eight pillars that focus on the evolution of the company, from core supply chain and project management, to profit improvements, collaboration platforms, research & analytics, audit & assurance, recruiting and online training for the customers. These all contribute to the triumph of a company and make it more endearing,” concludes Parakh.


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Prateek Parakh, CEO

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