SEKO Logistics: Enabling Single-View of an entire Supply Chain Management

Tom Madzy, CIO
As e-commerce takes up a larger share of today’s retail market, the entire supply chain workflow is giving way to the re-engineering of what was once standalone Distribution Centers made-up of Bricks and Mortar, to Omni- Channel fulfillment locations. In addition, as per recent economic downturn, if market is only confined within the U.S., a retailer's client portfolio is not ‘diversified’ demographically. These trends call for highly customizable logistics and end-to-end supply chain solutions. Lead by Tom Madzy, CIO, SEKO Logistics addresses these issues with a suite of applications that can be tailored around already existing Enterprise Resource Planning systems (ERP) and uses a highly customizable transactional Software-as-a-Service cost model (SaaS). The company provides complete Supply Chain Solutions, specializing in transportation, logistics, forwarding and warehousing.

Headquartered in Itasca, Illinois, SEKO Logistics understands that IT projects for logistics and supply chain are not always considered a priority within companies. The solution is moving the integration away from IT departments and placing them within business units to ease service consumption. Through MySEKO, a turnkey customer-portal, access is provided to every solution, whether requirement is for a web-based inventory management solution a transportation management system, or an online solution to manage offshore vendors, or real-time GPS tracking of a sensitive shipment. "All of our source code and databases have been re-engineered to work powerfully across our software offerings to provide the clients, a single view of their supply chain," explains Madzy.

Beefed up with a dashboard which analyzes critical performance indicators, a calendar that is capable of maintaining the schedule for all of global shipments in one location, and available in 7 international languages, MySEKO is platform independent and seamlessly integrates into existing solutions like Transportation Management System, Warehouse Management System, Purchase Order Management System and Asset Management System. The company believes that integration is a better overall strategy than replacement. “Our idea is to improve supply chain intelligence through integrating the technology rather than replacing what has been built,” Madzy remarks.

Madzy goes on to say, “SEKO's unique shareholder management model enables customers to benefit from global implementation experience and expertise, coupled with vital in-country knowledge and service at the local level.” Of the countless high-flying stories of implementing solutions, SEKO has bagged; its work with Beckman Coulter, a developer of diagnostic systems that automates and innovates complex biomedical testing, stands out. The client had challenges with planning and distribution inefficiencies, which significantly pressurized staffs, leading to negative impact on supply chain costs. As a solution, MySEKO portal was deployed at all Beckman Coulter distribution centers enabling real-time shipment management and reporting. A Continuous Improvement Program was also established in order to support regular business reviews. Beckman Coulter experienced completeness and on-time delivery, and using MySEKO Scheduling tool, transportation cost was reduced with the improvement of inventory utilization and human resources.

All of our source code and databases have been re-engineered to work powerfully across our software offerings to give clients, a single view of their supply chain

Located in 40 countries, SEKO Logistics intends to have realtime information available for its customers and continues its push from a batch EDI environment to a web-services environment. "From an application level we will continue to build on to our MySEKO Harmony platform (a tracking platform) and provide supply chain information seamlessly regardless of where it may reside in the supply chain," says Madzy. Alongside, they also have an initiative to build upon wireless technology, mobile technology, Radio Frequency Identification Devices (RFID) and any new environment that turns data around quickly. The company is focuses on scaling a new height in logistics fraternity that the world hasn’t seen.

SEKO Logistics

Itasca, IL

Tom Madzy, CIO

SEKO provides complete Supply Chain Solutions, specializing in transportation, logistics, forwarding and warehousing