RASTRAC: Comprehensive GPS Tracking Services to Monitor Valuable Assets

A competitive player and team sports enthusiast, Gus Sosebee, Director of Sales, RASTRAC, reckons that sports is not always about winning, but it is the hard work, determination and effort that matters the most. “It’s the learning that comes from setting your goal high and attaining it; that makes playing the sport extremely thrilling,” he asserts. Sosebee uses the same approach to set the goals high for RASTRAC’s team, including the highly-talented developers and technical support staff, who work hard to accomplish the common goal of providing a quality product and top level of service to the customers.

Headquartered in Austin, TX, the fleet tracking and remote asset management company’s innovative solutions help in reducing unnecessary costs on everything from excess fuel usage to costly vehicle breakdowns. RASTRAC’S comprehensive GPS tracking services helps in reducing fuel waste, ensuring on-schedule transport and monitoring the client’s most valuable assets. Having originally started as a GPS fleet management system two decades ago, RASTRAC currently differentiates themselves from the competitors with their versatile and robust system.

We offer a cloud based solution through which the customers can choose update rates and access the vehicles via get position

“We offer a solution where customers can purchase a standalone software system or access the RASTRAC Internet Server Application, thereby helping the customers to choose how they want to access their vehicles,” says Jeff Manning, President, RASTRAC. Based on client requirements, this option can be completely custom designed and private labeled.

The company also offers a cloud based solution through which the customers can access the vehicles via “get position.” With dedicated hosting, RASTRAC provides a web server that is designed for companies that provide tracking services to their own customers.
Gus Sosebee, Director of Sales
In the case of hardware, RASTRAC does not restrict the customer from using a proprietary device. Instead, the customers have a wide array of choices to meet their specific needs. RASTRAC has made significant investments in formulating innovative solutions for various verticals. One such solution is the Map Marker application, an innovative solution that displays realtime map color changes that convey geographic information and can be shared to improve performance, cost, and safety.

The Map Marker application color codes the entire coverage area map, for a clear understanding of the areas that have been serviced recently. For instance, when a particular city experiences a big snow storm, the Map Marker application defines the colors as green for recently visited, yellow for visited in the last 1-2 hours, and red for areas that haven’t been visited in over two hours. This process helps in spotting areas that require immediate attention. Offering tracking solutions that are the right fit for a diverse customer base, the company has customers from a wide array of industries, from small businesses to large municipalities. While many customers track vehicles, other clients track their employee’s phone or tablet using the company’s PocketRASTRAC application that enables users to track their iOS and Android devices.

RASTRAC is continuing to grow their business domestically and internationally. In the words of Sosebee, “We have added several international distributors this year and we look forward to continuing that trend. We are experiencing growth in markets like UAE, North and West Africa, and Latin America. Our team is focused on building strategic partnerships and integrating with new hardware and software solutions on a regular basis,” he quotes. The company will also progress in the M2M arena by offering innovative solutions that are not available elsewhere.


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Gus Sosebee, Director of Sales and Jeff Manning, President

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